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My Virtual Photo Album

Jenn Nightbane- A young woman of an uncountable age. She believes she is about 1400 in dragon years, but is puzzled about her age in human years. Blazing blue eyes glare out at all from under the hood of her cloak. Long deep brown hair flows from her crown, mixed with deep blue and black streaks. Her mane is usually tied back with a leather thong or let loose but, is always hidden by the hood of her black cloak. She wears a deep black cloak with a small silver dragon imprinted on the right breast and a larger image is upon the back. Her under-clothing consist of a black shirt, brown leather breeches and light brown calfskin boots. Strapped to her hip is a rather large jet black sword, in a silver shieth and surrounded by faint blueish gray flames. Upon her back are a pair of deep black dragon wings, torn, tattered and covered with large scars. Prefuring to keep her wings a secret, they are hidden by the cloak and by a teardrop shaped pendent. The pendent is sopposibly made of pure silver and has many different stones embedded everywhere. Somehow, the pendent is able to hide her wings from humans and others. Jenn has grown to lothe the human race horribly for they have scarred her for life, in her eyes.

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