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Wine Cloaks

Wine cloaks (jackets) are an ancient wine drinking tradition. The cloaks provide the wine enthusiast with an interesting look for the bottle, guards hands from the "weeping" on chilled bottles (weeping, a.k.a.condensation, can lead to disasters like heaven forbid, the bottle slipping from one's hand!). And, the leather cloaks help to keep the temperature of the wine in tact.

The cloaks are made from either buckskin or elk hide, turkey and/or pheasant feathers, and bead (natural and/or glass)


Buckskin Jeweled Wine Cloak. $19

Elk Hide Jeweled Wine Cloak. $19

When ordering, you may specify a preference in color or style of beads. Just write it into the 'comments' section of the order form

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