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- April Submissions -

Vidder: KitKat
Video: Johnny, Are You Queer?
Song & Artist: Johnny, Are You Queer?-Josie Cotton
Description: AU, Dru sires Andrew and slowly realizes that maybe he's batting for the other team.

Vidder: Laura
Video: Dreams
Song & Artist: Dreams by the cranberries
Description: A fluffy Max/Liz shipper video using clips from seasons 1 and 2 of Roswell

Vidder: Spikeylover
Video: Ghost
Song & Artist: Ghost-Indigo girls
Description: This song is so Spuffy, I think it was written for them.

Vidder: Spikeylover
Video: I've got you , babe
Song & Artist: I've Got you Babe, Sonny and Cher
Description: Dark comedy featuring Spike and Angel.

Vidder: Kristin
Video: Forever Knight Trailer
Song & Artist: Mixture of Enigma and E.S. Posthumus
Description: If Forever Knight were truly coming to a theater near you this fall, here's what a movie trailer might look like... (also includes voiceovers)

Vidder: Kristin
Video: Dissolved Girl
Song & Artist: Dissolved Girl: Massive Attack
Description: Features the mysterious Janette and her Raven club. Throughout endless nights she watches the dancers not only as a voyeur, but also as a hunter.

Vidder: Kristin
Video: Superpredators
Song & Artist: Superpredators: Massive Attack
Description: Features vampires at their best - naughty and deadly. Join them as they paint the town red. This video features a unique film noir style with hints of color inspired by the movie Sin City.

Vidder: Elena
Video: Entwined
Song & Artist: Entwined - Lacuna Coil
Description: I tried to capture the devastation Grima's presence must have had on Rohan. Lots of Eowyn b/c she was the one that had to deal with his crap the most!

Vidder: JennyW
Video: Over
Song & Artist: Over by Lindsay Lohan
Description: Buffy and Angel video.

Vidder: Noemi
Video: A dangerous mind
Song & Artist: "A dangerous mind" by Within Temptation
Description: When Angel changes, Buffy realizes the truth that there is inside her lover

Vidder: Angels Riddle
Video: Living My Life - Angel(us)
Song & Artist: Living My Life by: Sylver
Description: This is an action video describing the differences between Angel & Angelus (happy,sad, love & torture moments)

Vidder: Holly Gilmore
Video: Accidentally In Love
Song & Artist: Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows
Description: An upbeat video about Pacey & Joey from Dawson's Creek, who accidentally fell in love.

Vidder: Marie
Video: Faith Is Chosen
Song & Artist: Diva Dance by: Inva Mulla Tchako
Description: Credits for a Faith based show.

Vidder: Sassy Kitten
Video: Feel Good Time
Song & Artist: Feel Good Time-Pink
Description: Firefly-The adventures of Mal and his crew through space

Vidder: Sassy Kitten
Video: Criminal
Song & Artist: Criminal-Fiona Apple
Description: Wonderfalls-Jayes feeling like a criminal because of the way she treats Eric

Vidder: Sassy Kitten
Video: Rockstar
Song & Artist: Rockstar - N.E.R.D
Description: Lindsey and Lilah can try to take Angel down but he'll always beat them

Vidder: Sassy Kitten
Video: Wild
Song & Artist: Wild -Poe
Description: A look at the Angel/Darla relationship through the years focusing on season 2 of Ats

Vidder: Jessie
Video: Help From My Friends
Song & Artist: Help From My Friends by The Beatles
Description: Friendship and romance in BtVS.

Vidder: Jessie
Video: Over
Song & Artist: Over By Sugarcult
Description: Things are over between Cordy and Xander.

Vidder: Marie
Video: Revolution
Song & Artist: Revolution by: Aimee Allen
Description: A Dark Angel vid. An episodic of 'Pilot'. Max was always meant to start a revolution, she just didn't know it. "Girls kick ass. Says so on the T-shirt." ~ Max

Vidder: Shoopdancer
Video: Thing Called Love
Song & Artist: I Believe In A Thing Called Love By The Darkness
Description: A Romantic Comedy looking at Conventional and Unconventional Relationships Through the High School Years of Buffy.

Vidder: Foogie
Video: Move It
Song & Artist: I Like To Move It- Reel2Real
Description: Season One Buffy Action!

Vidder: Shoopdancer
Video: Sweet Surrender
Song & Artist: Sweet Surrender- Sarah McLaughlan
Description: A Tru/Luc Shipper

Vidder: SoA
Video: Take It All Away
Song & Artist: Blurry By Puddle Of Mudd
Description: Clark Lana & a hole Lot of Incredible Chaos!!!

Vidder: Morgan
Video: Welcome To My Life
Song & Artist: Welcome To My Life By Simple Plan
Description: Buffy shows Jonathan that everyone in Sunnydale's got it just as rough as him.

Vidder: Morgan
Video: Innocent Man
Song & Artist: Innocent Man by Billy Joel
Description: Xander Harris is the original innocent man, in spite of everything.

Vidder: Morgan
Video: Father Figure
Song & Artist: Father Figure by George Michael
Description: Someone is dreaming about Giles and Buffy as a couple, but whose dream is it?

Vidder: Morgan
Video: Breakin The Law
Song & Artist: Breakin' the Law by Judas Priest
Description: What if the Sunnydale crew decided to plan a heist? Ocean's 11, Sunnydale style.

Vidder: Morgan
Video: Haunted
Song & Artist: Haunted By Evanescence
Description: Homage and farewell to Joyce Summers.

Vidder: Stormwolfe
Video: Confessions In Georgia
Song & Artist: Lights went out in Georgia/Reba McIntyre
Descrption: The song tells the story.

Vidder: Stormwolfe
Video: Willow Power (Remastered)
Song & Artist: I've got the power/H-Blox
Description: Remastered version of Willow Power. Willow at her most powerful.

Vidder: Stormwolfe
Video: Sexy Manchild
Song & Artist: Sexy Boy/Shawn Michaels
Description: Anthony Stweward head in his British comedy "Manchild"

Vidder: Stormwolfe
Video: Prophecies Reversed
Song & Artist: Skull and Crossbones/Kalus Bedelt
Description: The season three Buffy/faith reverese. Faith was the primary slayer but her death activated buffy who went evil and ended up in a coma

Vidder: Stormwolfe
Video: Wings
Song & Artist: flying without Wings/ Westlife
Description: Roswell clip, about max/liz, michael/maria and just some of the nicer moments in the show. a Feel good clip.

Vidder: MysticalJade
Video: Heaven's On Fire
Song & Artist: Heaven`s on Fire by: Kiss
Description: An action vid of both Ats and Btvs.

Vidder: MysticalJade
Video: Copy Cat
Song & Artist: Deceiver Of Fools by: Within Temptation
Description: A video about the movie Copy Cat and how two brave woman stopped the serial killer, the man that thought he was the `deciever of fools`.

Vidder: MysticalJade
Video: Sacrifice
Song & Artist: Sacrifice by :Sinead O`Conner
Description: A very sad video about how events up to and after Joyce`s death(Btvs).

Vidder: Shoopdancer
Video: We Used To Be Friends
Song & Artist: We Used To Be Friends- The Dandy Warhols
Description: The Cast of Saved By The Bell During Their Most Comedic Moments!