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Thomas Bio


A tall yet pale man, with a composed expression and a well formed physique. His features, if you can see them through the jawlength black hair that almost always covers one side of his face, are smooth and well formed, as is the rest of his body. He, like his twin brother Rolan, wears little but a pair of black bike shorts, but also sports a black and white plaid vest, open in the front.

Height: 6' Even
Weight: 200 lbs
Build: Wide of shoulder, but
trim of waist,with well
toned physique.
Physical: 4,4,4
Mental: 3,3,3
Social: 3,1,4
Potence 4
Clerity 3
Presence 3
Dominate 2
Thaum:Mastery of the Mortal
Shell 4