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Mery Bio


A energetic and charming young girl with shoulder length red hair and a dazzling smile. Her pale skin stands out against the color of her hair, and her blue eyes sparkle as she talks in a fast paced and cheery voice. She usually wears a bright colored dress, but is occationall seen wearing tight fitting leather pants with a matching boddice, over a red silk shoulderless shirt, who's sleves cover her arms, leaving the milky texture of her shoulders and the front of her chest nicely displayed.

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Build: 30-26-32, C
Physical: 2,3,3
Mental: 4,4,3
Social: 4,3,4
Celerity 2
Presence 3
Potence 2
Thaum:Rego Temestas 2
Mage Spheres:
Prime 2
Forces 3
Matter 3
Mind 2