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The Gates of Hell



The Gates of Hell are located in Clifton, NJ behind the Black Prince Distillery.  They are a series of storm drains that have become home to many urban legends.  The name itself, "Gates of Hell" is a very common name used to describe similar strange storm drains through out the country.

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The basic legend behind the Gates of Hell is that through the main tunnel, which is much different than the rest with its square shaped entrance way, can be found secret rooms and tunnels connecting to parks and other buildings. Other legends say that many people have drowned while exploring these storm drains, which would not be hard to believe.  And stories of devil worship and KKK run rambit when it comes to this well talked about place.

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The "secret" room legend seems to really intrigue many people.  However many of these secret room stories have become so exaggerated.  Its been  heard rooms are filled with animal parts, alters worshipping satan and Hitler, chairs and tables and the list goes on.  Even the graffiti plays along with the legend, as you can see above with the arrow pointing with "Katacombs" written in it.

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Well the tunnels do lead places, such as parks so that's not too far from the truth.  That's what storm drains do.  As far as secret rooms, well the squared shaped entrance way leads into the distillery.  It is believed by many that during times of prohibition that this tunnel was used as a quick way to empty out alcohol of the building if authorities ever came unexpectedly.
These "secret" rooms could really just be part of the distillery.

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    When deep inside the tunnels, you come to a fork, which consists of many small tunnels that one would have to crawl through to further their exploration of these secret rooms.  Something we would not recommend, for even during a dry season, these storm drains are rushing with water.
    One rather odd thing was when we were inside we heard a furious deep roaring sound that would only occur a few times.  It really seemed just as if it was coming from hell itself.  However, I am sure it was just wind in the tunnels playing tricks on our ears or perhaps a train or car in the distance echoing throughout the network of tunnels.

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The most disturbing thing about Gates of Hell is the racist graffiti that is all over the place.  From deep inside the tunnels  to the main entrance way.  Messages like "Whites Only" and "All Niggers Will Die" with the KKK cross really leave an unsettling feeling in one's stomach.  If the "devil worshippers" don't get you, the people who wrote these sick messages just might.

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Could the legends of satanic worship not be too far off at the Gates of Hell?  Perhaps a room onced used by the distillery has become a secret meeting spot for these sick individuals.  I personally would rather not find out by running into them.

    Another rather ODD speculation was this bed like setup found just inside the main entrance way of the Gates of Hell.  It clearly alerted us that we weren't alone.  Could someone live down here or maybe it was just kids bringing a towel and a blanket to use after exploring through the water?  Which would be a really unwise idea, not just from the risk of drowning in a tight space, but from extremely dirty polluted water.  Don't forget this is rain run off from New Jersey.

Perhaps this one message lost in the darkness of the tunnel says it best.