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Welcome To The Land Of Fuzzy Darkness

"This is the crappiest site you have ever made, Ari." "It'll get better! Once...I figure out how to use html, or how to use this stupid angelfire webshell. -: Grumble Grumble. :-" "Now, we know there isn't much here yet, but I'm hoping that we'll get more up here soon. Cause I really want a site that will work and not die on me. -: Cough. :- Geocities. -: Cough. :- If you want, you may e-mail me or go see my geocities site."

Reasons why you might be here

Sites I am rather fond of and other sites I run.

I would be still updating this site, but geocities decided to go all evil on me.
My cousin's website. Go and worship her use of HTML
My friend, Snuffy's, site.
Mmm. Lotr. -: Drools like homer simpson. :-