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Trick Description How to Practice/Do
Spins (180's,360's,540's) This is just a spin like you would do on a trampoline just you have to put more force in to your jump because the more you want to spin the more height you have to have. to get better at this trick or to get ready to do it on you fruitboot do it on the trampoline.
Method Grabs
(tail grabs)
For this trick you will need height and to know what your going to do or you'll fall on you ass. The whole point of this trick it to get your feet to touch your ass and to grab your feet. Again use a trampoline because it gets you used to the motions.
Droping In This is a hard thing to get used to right away and if you fall wrong you'll be feeling it for a while. This is how it goes you have a grind curve in the middle of your 4 wheels so find a Half-pipe with a grind pipe on the edge of the Half pipe and put your grind curves on it and put all your weight forword and adjust your weight accoringly and you should make it but just in case get some ass protection like a pellow. You cant use a trampoline for this one so your going to have to pratice the hard way just droping in good luck and start small and work your way up
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