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This is All About Me
My name is Kevan I was born in 1990, I've been a skater since 1995. well not really I was the dorky kid with the play school skates, but you have to start some where and that's where I started. during this time we lived in an apartment complex where Id skate in the parking lot chasing my friends. When I moved I was six years old and we moved to a nice neighborhood and began skating on and off again. Once I became friends with Matt and Kenneth we were Skating all the time. Well I was at least they were kind of watching at first while I did stupid things like roll down a slide, do some jumps, or try a new trick.This is how it was until 1999 when my skating got really serious I was skating everywhere all the time doing new things, crazy things and I met Dillion That year and he's why I got so interested in it. He was a skater too, he lived in my dads apartment complex and taught me all about skating what the moves were called, what they looked like, who did them, all that stuff. At that time for me it all I could do on my skates were jumping over things or rolling down things never stalling, grinding, or real tricks. He taught me how to 180, 360, 50/50 grind, manual, and a few grabs he took me to my first skate park burn side in portland which proved to be to much for me and we ended up going to another skate park. After the experience with Dillon I went to Swift Skate Park. when I first went there it was new and weird so I didn't do much, just got used to the steep ramps and bowls well I never did get used to the bowls that's what sucks about being an In-Line skater you get stuck in bowls. I soon learned not to go in the bowls and I still don't very often. when I started I sucked and slowly became better as I practiced method grabbing over a spine ramp and grinding the coping all things I never would have done with out Dillon the guy who taught me everything and now is gone. So I just want to say thanks to him for every thing.