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~Coordinator Staff~

DC: Vic Levandoski, US2002023931
ADC: Evelyn Miller, US2002021732

Please email prestige to the Coordinator yahoo group by the 21st of each month:

~Prestige Announcements~

Prestige Report Form
February 21, 2004 - Game

FlatCon Prestige

~Informational Links~

FlatCon XP:
Garou XP 7-23-04
GarouXP 7-24-04
Cam-AnarchXP 7-24-04

FlatCon Pictures:
FlatCon - Main Website
Garou - July 23rd
Garou - July 24th
Cam-Anarch - July 24th

Official from USNC website:
Membership Handbook
Officer Election
US Map
Prestige Review Form (Excel format)

Official from USNC Prestige website:
Prestige Quick Sheet

Official Camarilla websites:
Ordeals - All members should take the ordeal of membership
Camarilla Mailing Lists