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Using Bipolar Mania, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety and Depression As A Pathway To Spiritual Enlightenment

Bipolar Mania mixed with ADD, ADHD and Anxiety/Depression are all dreadful afflictions that can almost completely incapacitate a person suffering with them. Of course there are several medications and natural remedies, but no permanent cure.

Many artist, writers, musicians and even the best known psychologists have one or more of these "disorders". Some of the best inventors did, assuming this is what brought on the many ideas, failures and successes they experienced.

Bipolar especially causes breaks and upsets in relationships, romantic or professional. It can cause all kinds of communication problems, like people thinking you said something you really meant when you didn't mean it at all. Misunderstanding are the result of poor judgement during a bipolar manic episode-- which may include hallucinations or extreme feelings of Euphoria and being "On top of the world"...only to crash and burn moments later. (Keep checking back for more of this essay.) Visit The Lightwork Network Bookstore For More Info

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