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meet The DEVILS

dark circles

Artful records
Tape Modern
15 July 2002

Memory Palaces (Monks & Drum Machines)

Dark Circles (Real video 56k)

Big Store
(duffy, 5/79)

Come Alive (sample)

Signals In Smoke
(duffy/rhodes, 2/79 & 02)

Lost Decade
(duffy/rhodes, 3/79)

Aztec Moon (live in Koln 17 Feb. 2003, Real video 56k)
(duffy, 1/79)

World Exclusive
(duffy/rhodes, 2/5/79 & 02)

Hawks Do Not Share (Real video 56k)
(duffy/rhodes, 8/12/78 & 02)

(duffy, 9/78)

(duffy, 5/96)

The Tinsel Ritual (Bells and Omnichords)

Written by The Devils

Produced by The Devils & Andy Strange
Engineered by Andy Strange
Assisted by Adam Noble at Air Studios

Performed by The Devils
With Sally Boyden singing on Barbarellas & Lost Decade
Sally & Evie singing on Dark Circles, World Exclusive & Big Store
Additional programming & amorphic resonance by Mark Tinley
Ben Georgadies: drums, loops & assistance at Sphere

Mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis

Art & design: Andrew Day
photograph of The Devils: Retts Wood
make up: Paola Recabarren

With thanks to:
Andy Strange Alison & Jacqui & All at Air
David Ravden, Evan, Robin Guthrie, Emma Anderson, Mark Tinley, Gary Oldknow
Vuk Vidar, Raquel Azevedo, Natasha Aoki, James Knopp, Sarah Broom, Patti Nolder & All at Sphere

Immeasurable thanks to: Simon Colley & John Taylor.

Ray Cokes interviews The Devils for Arte TV (Real video 56k)

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