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Quit While You're Ahead
is there a point?...are our minuscule lives even worth living?...or is it just wasted effort with no payoff at the end? it worth getting bitched at for the rest of your life and trying to conform and make money and have a nice house and things...or..does it make more sense to quit while you're ahead? the world, with all of it's great technology, is in a sad state right soon as you are born the government documents your are raised partially by your parents and partially by the telivison progams put on the air to keep you content and busy while your parents do things around the house or work.. these progams brainwash [to put it mildly] childrens' young and impressionable the time your reach the age of 5 years old you must by law be enrolled into some for of an educational institution [whether it be a public or private school].. these schools aren't interested in teaching you to multiply and divide and learn the presidents of the united states, no..they are teaching you to be good workers because when you get older and get a job, the government needs you to know how to take orders and work shitty jobs in order to keep the country could be an absolute genius and get A+’s on all of your tests, but it doesn’t matter, if you don’t do all of the “required work” you will fail and be placed in remedial classes..the “required work” is supposed to reinforce what you’re learning, but that’s not what it does,’s just preparing you to go out and work and not ask questions, I mean, if they were really interested in learning they wouldn’t fail you if you had a 97 test average now would they?..once you go through all of those years of bullshit in school and graduate you are either expected to go to college or get a job..if you should decide to get a job right out of high school it will almost undoubtedly pay minimum wage and you will have to do blue-collar work for the rest of your life in order to survive..or. should you decide to go to college you will need to have good grades all through high school and then pay an astronomical fee in order to get your diploma..(this doesn’t make sense to me, because you don’t have a job yet, so you can’t pay it up front unless you have parents with a large amount of money, but then again you could always take out student loans which you will be paying back until the day you fucking die)..once you begin working your life is pretty much will work all of the time and you will begin to see less and less of your will begin to get lonely and start to think about marriage.. of course, you can’t find anyone that you truly love so you will either have to marry them and get a divorce two years later, so that you can try to find someone else, but it won’t happen and the process will go on for the rest of your life..or marry the first person that you think that you love and spend the rest of your life trapped in a marriage with someone that you hate and have kids with.. then the kids come..those little pieces of shit that are making this world more and more over-populated.. they cry and whine all the time…now, since you’re a parent you are responsible for shaping their minds, and you could either let them figure things out off of the television and let them become another victim that the system has brainwashed ..or you could teach them from a young age how the world really works [supposing, of course, that you are not one of the approximately 97% of people who don’t know what the fuck is going on in the world] no thanks, I don’t think that that’s the life for me. I think that I’ll just quit while I’m ahead.

Quitters do win...
Have you ever been so bored and dejected by something that you just wanted to quit. I’m not talking about a soccer team or any small commitment like that. Big things, where a particular decision could literally decide the “fate” of your entire existence. Thoughts about such things have been running through my head for quite some time now, and I do believe that the jury has reached a verdict.
“We the jury have reached a unanimous decision. We find the defendant worthy of death. Upon heated debates and much deliberation it was determined that life is, on the whole, meaningless. It would make much more sense for this individual to simply quit. If no joy is found in this existence, than he should merely move on from this world. We’re not saying that he should move on to “heaven” or an afterlife, but to a world where his drug-overdosed carcass would remain motionless, rotting in the ground for years upon years.”
The defendants thoughts:
“Friends seem to be leaving left and right, which would be my first reason to go. You must remember though, people do not mean too terribly much to me, so this, by itself is not enough to warrant death. On a similar note, the ‘pussy situation’ is becoming quite grim. Girls are one of the other things that can keep me content in the ‘pursuit for happiness’. So to be quite frank, no bitches, no fun, unless, however, you have drugs. Which brings me to my next point. If no friends or casual acquaintances are around to help in the search to get fucked up, things become nearly impossible. The only thing that has kept me around this long is hope that I could somehow get more fucked up than ever before. That being said, we now move into family. Honestly, I wish that I were aborted 15 years ago, when I was still a fetus. I spent my early years without a father figure. By the time I was six, my mom decided to marry a fucking asshole who feels that he can control my life. I loathe him with an incredible passion, and wish to see him die an agonizing death in which his body is torn apart by man-eating tigers. It would bring me much pleasure to then see his remains be thrown into a small tank, filled with hundreds of great white sharks. It was this asshole, who’s death was just graphically depicted that got me committed to a mental institution for a week of my life. The thought of such a thing is absurd, because in my mind, I am a perfectly sane individual. I hate to bother you all with such a long and painfully boring autobiography, so I’ll get to the bottom line. The decision reached by the court pleases me very much, and I am preparing to leave as I convey all of this useless information to you. But just remember, quitters do win…”

Alone, lost in the music.. darkness and emptiness occupy the spherically shaped wasteland that rests upon my pillow.. the music is no longer heard, it is simply felt.. the screams and ineffable noise dominate my entire existence in this very moment .. emotions are no longer, nor is light or sound... emptiness grips me and all feeling is lost..lost in oblivion….

Just for the record..i don't know who wrote this shit...