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Death's Progs
Hey everyone! This branch of Death's little online kingdom of hate is where you can find various programs that Death uses to annoy/anger others when they get on his nerves, or hehe just for fun :)

Death's Progs
Name Size (KB) Description

Dead AIM,647,This is pretty kool. It clones logs, and has a tab window mode so you can keep multiple conversatins in one window with a tab. It slowed up my computer a little, maybe i need to de-frag but it did get rid of the ticker and advertisement on my buddy list too.

AIM+,296,This program Clones AIM so that you can be on as many screen names as you're computers hard drive can support.

Hard Hitter,68,The easiest Yahoo Booter i've ever seen, although it doesn't work on everyone you should be able to figure it out.

Dark Yahoo Booter,260,A Yahoo Booter, it's a little harder to use and understand and use than the other supplied Yahoo Booter, but still pretty basic.

Professor AIM 3,1316,Doesn't really do anything specific, and it can't boot or clone. It's basically just something that has lots of features for reaping havoc on others.