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Death's Friend Chris

This is Deaths good ol' friend Chris (above). He's a lot like Death only in a different body. This is probably why they get along so well.

You'll never see Chris and Death in the same picture because Chris and Death although they are good friends do not want to have proof that they hang out together.

Chris likes to be stupid and stick his tongue out like a dumbass, don't ask. See Death's mother forbids him to hang out with Chris, she's afraid Chris will be a bad influence on him and his future.

I just thought i would throw in a tidbit about Chris, he deserves it since he did most of the work on this page :)

Chris prefers to have keep his email indesclosed to the open public, however you can contact him through Aim; his screen name is Death87n3. He's just so envious of my name, of course who wouldn't be?