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Death's Home Page

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A Place Where You Can Get To Know Death!

Death is coming for you!!!

LOOK EVERYONE! DEATH'S ON THE S***TER!!! Be sure that this little 'devil' will be after you in a short 10!

Hello there everyone! Welcome to Death's site. On this site you will be able to discover what Death's life (hahahaaa, Death's life) is really like. Here you will be able to find things like what he does in his little personatlity of evil, and where he does them at.

Please feel free to look into the links located on the left of this page, for some of them are "information" pertaining to Death, and his life experiences, while others you may just find usful. Take your time and browse around.

--*NOTE: My site is not under full operation yet, so there's not a lot of selection. Sorry for the inconvinience but i'm working around the clock to get the Death info and progs you want.*--


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