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Nemesis stands at the top of his training arena and prepares to start. He stares at the assortment of sandbag on pulleys, wooden dummies, and spiked pits has he brings his six foot wooden staff up in a fighting stance.

“It starts” he whispers.

He jumps spinning all the way down the staff held where it sticks out from his body, hitting the sandbags that are set up along the thirty foot drop. He lands on his feet bending his knees slightly to absorb the impact and then spins the staff hitting the dummies on either side with swipes across the throat area, after doing so he drops the staff and takes a nijistu stance.

Nemesis then runs and jumps to spiked pits landing in an assortment of dummies has he gives the first a spinning wheel kick and the second a quick karate jab to the throat area. He laughs to himself, barely out of breath has he drops and gives the third a sweep across the knee area shattering the 2x4s that serve has the dummies legs. He then jumps up to miss the swinging 2x10 set to try and take his legs out. He lands on the 2x10 and uses it for a springboard into the remaining sand bags which he quickly kicks with his favorite move his “forcestrike” this move hits the sandbags one after another shattering them and spraying sand everywhere.

“I am ready now.” He laughs out has he looks around. “I will take the gold, I will be a top contender. The XWM has never had anyone like me. Now all I must do is break out of this asylum.”

Nemesis retrieves his staff and walks towards the ten guards that are waiting.

“Hey fellas, I guess I am ready to leave for this week.”

“Well it is about time” the head guard growls out reaching for his nightstick. The others follow suit even though Nemesis has never attacked him they are wary of him. Anyone who believes themselves to be aligned with Sith Lords, and dark, evil ways of the Sith is something to be wary of. They had all been very clearly briefed on what he believe by state. He is in a state of perpetual delusions they said. He believes we keep something called a yasamari around to keep him from using the darkside powers to escape. We give him the training room because of his fathers huge donations, but don’t let him use it has a means for escape.

“Come on guys there are no need for those” Nemesis calls out has he drops his staff on his bags. He steps forward holding out his hands to be shackled and the next thing the guard knows his wrist is snapped and his nightstick gone.

“Ahhhhhhh Fuckkk!!!” the guard screams has he hits the ground. “He broke my damn wrist what are you waiting for get him!!” he screams trying to stand.

“Real training!” Nemesis calls out in delight. He then jabs the nightstick in the first guard’s throat and backlashes into the one who screamed at them. Both fell in agony and Nemesis now has two nightsticks has he spins into the rest of the guards. He feels a blow land on his shoulder and has it does he drops and quickly does a upwards backslash catching his attacker in the groin and squashing his genital. His opponent groans and hits the ground, but Nemesis has no time to hear this has he cracks the next guard in the jaw, shattering four teeth and causing blood to spray. Nemesis relishes the sight of blood, even has he jerks his opponent down and delivers a swift blow to his throat.

The remaining guards stop has Nemesis rises. “Man, We are not paid enough for this” the first says and looking at the other five. “I am getting the hell outta here!” He runs and the others follow suit quickly.

Nemesis thinks about giving chase and then stops. Stick to the plan he thinks he grabs up his bags and turns to leave dumping a homemade explosive out that he constructed while on kitchen duty, a quick twist of the timer and he is gone.

(New vans, fire trucks, police cars, and a huge fire in the background reporter on Television reporting of course.) “We come here today the scene of yet another mystery. This is the training sight of billionaire Jimmy Johnson’s son Brock Johnson. Brock was confined to the Sunnyvale Sanitarium after showing huge signs of paranoid delusions and homicidal tendencies. He believe he was part of George Lucas’ Star Wars universe and was a Sith Lord named Nemesis. Lucasarts refused to comment on the now multi-billion dollar lawsuit filed by Jimmy Johnson in response to his son’s tragic death in this huge factory behind us. Nine bodes have been found including the billionaires son, but one hasn’t and the missing guard unfortunately is thought to have been at the epicenter of the explosion.

Nemesis turns off the television and grins in satisfaction has he pulls up his hood and heads for the base of the XWM intent on signing up.

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