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My Rituals

This is a triple-moon ritual you can cast to increase your gifts and make a powerful talisman and skrying tool.

What you'll need:

A round clear stone- clear or frosted quartz, pref. but glass is alright too

a place where you can see the moonlight with little to no artificial light

Pantheon: Greek

Beginning on whatever part of the moon cycle you wish, invoke one of the three triple-goddesses of the Greek pantheon. (Selene: Mother, Full| Diana: Maiden,Waxing| and Hecate (heck- a- tee): Crone, waning|). Do this in an altered state of mind, a trance or drug-induced if that is your thing.

After invoking them, ask of them a boon: Ask them to give a gift to the stone. Then hold the stone high in the air, drawing energy into it. Hold the stone over the moon in the sky, and focus on the stone, not the moon. The stone should be covering the moon.

Now look at the moon's reflection so to speak in the clear crystal and accept her gift. When I performed this spell, Diana gifted it with the power to hold it up to the clouds and see in the night clouds visions of whatever I choose. Past, present, future, this and other dimensions (anywhere on earth), etc. Selene gifted it with the power of absorbing any negative energies, whether they be evil presences, the common cold, or depression, without harming the other talents the stone has. It has an infinite capacity and never needs to be cleansed. Hecate of the Dark Moon gifted it with the power to bring the forces of night to you, even in the daytime. The one catch?

Never expose it to sunlight.

Some say the rain depresses them, yet the rain is the very thing that can cleanse and wash away your sorrows if you let it. This is a rain ritual to banish even the most severe depression. If you are extremely depressed, I recommend getting outside help as well, but by no means feel powerless. You can help yourself.

What you'll need: A nice, gloomy, rainy day and a place to be alone where you can view the rain in all its splendor.

Pantheon: n/a

Get to a place where you can see and hear the rain, with no interruptions. Music is fine, just make sure it won't distract you nor drown out the natural music of the rain.

Begin with meditation. Breathe evenly and clear your mind (this may take some practice- there are several techniques in the books on the main menu). You may cast a full circle, but it really isn't necassary. Just envision a protective sphere around you of any color that suits you, and know that it is there, protecting you.

Begin to focus on the rain's sound. Try to feel it falling on you, running down your body in rivulets, running THROUGH your body. It goes in through your head, penetrates your limbs and body, and runs out through your feet.

Now, being aware of the rain running through you, look with your second sight at the depression looming inside of you. It resides in your torso, and even in your head at times. It usually manifests as a black cloud in your torso. Feel the rain overpowering it as it runs through you, draining it away with a gentle force.

Repeat this chant or one like it:

Running through me, water-rain, make me pure and whole again

Wash away this sadness stain, I no longer feel the pain.

Repeat as many times as needed, knowing that with each passing second more of the depression is washed away. When you feel it weaken to nearly nothing, visualize the little bit left gathering together, and send your energy and the energy the rain has given you to make it so. Then, while half forcing it out, half letting it drain away, say:

My depression falls to the ground like leaves.

Feel the last of it draining away. So mote it be! Close your small circle and thank the rain for what it has given you: freedom from your pain. Even if it does not leave you completely, I assure you this ritual does work if done properly, and a good deal of your sadness will leave you, if not all. It's helped me immensely.

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