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The Fae. Faeries, pixies, Little folk, piskies, wee ones, the Seelie and Unseelie Court.

What are these things? Are they real? Can you see them? How do you speak to them?

As to WHAT exactly they are and where they come from, there are many theories on that. Some say they are the spirits of plants and animals, the spirits of nature. Others say they are astral creatures wandering the Other Realms and occasionally making themselves known to us here on this one. Yet others say they are thoughtforms and dreams of the human race. What do YOU think?

Regardless of WHAT they are, they are very real. I have seen and spoken with these denizens of the wild places.

Not all faeries have wings. I suggest reading some Brian Froud to describe to you what the faeries look like- not all are humanly beautiful and even nice or benevolent. But I can't label them "good" or "bad" because fae are neither good nor bad and rarely think in those terms unless it comes to "BIG Things".

Do not let this fool you into thinking they are a simple lot. They are quite complex, maybe even more so than humans. They're just cuter while doing it.

There are two "Courts" or groups of faeries, the Seelie and the Unseelie, according to legend. The fae of either court rarely associate with each other, each finding the other court rather unpleasant.

The Seelie are the lighter side of things, playing small pranks and full of fun and laughter. They dislike raucous noise and bad people, and shy quickly away from negativity. They tend to like shiny things such as silver, gold, or the various textiles we humans have invented that glitter and gleam.

The Unseelie Court could be said to be the dark faeries, but don't mistake them for bad!!! Nay, don't even mention that they are bad, for they are easily offended by such mention, as are all fae. Not to say there AREN'T bad fae among them, but the majority are simply misunderstood. They tend toward either dark, moody music such as the wind through the trees in a storm or the raucous honking of cars in a traffic jam. Some enjoy playing nasty little pranks on mortals, and engage in underhanded affairs- but not all.

Faeries on a whole do not like being called faeries. Some get offended and leave immediately, while others stay only to shy away from the topic of what they are. Personally, I find they prefer to be called Piskies, but that's only in my experience.

How do I see them, you ask? That's a pretty simple thing to do- go outside on a full moon night and start dancing inside your circle! Raise some energy as you're doing it, and think on the "essence" or wild spirit that all fae have in common. Even telling a story will draw them, for all fae, dark or light, love a good tale. They will sometimes manifest as mist around your circle with very vague forms peeping from it, or even curling up your body. If you're very lucky, they manifest as fireflies! Other times you will only see little spots of light or movement from the corner of your eye. Things that will attract them are the colors green and red, shiny things, silver, milk, breadcrumbs, or "faerie-ish" music. Things that will repel them are iron, steel, being "bugged", and cats.

They like to speak in dreams, or as that small voice in the corner of your mind. You just have to be patient and listen for them. Fae HATE being rushed or pushed into anything. When you are in a conversation with one or even many, don't get impatient with them or expect them to be your fortunetellers. This they will not do. They speak of whatever they want, and you must glean the bits of wisdom they spout from all the nonsense. :)

Altogether, having a relationship with the fae can be a tricky business, but fun!

By the way, if you happen to see Viviviv, tell him/her to stop on by, for I miss them! ;)

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