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M y h a t e s

Ok so this is my hates page,And i have alot of hates.

Boy bands
Girl bands
People who are not Open minded
People who use the word Townie All the time.
People who call me a Freak
People who hate me because i dress difernt
People who class Vampires with Goth.Punk.Alternative.(Even tho quite a few of us are INTERESTED* in it.Note on Interested* not takeing part)
People who dont like Vampires
People who think Wicca is satanism
People who think Satanism Is Wicca
people who dont like the colour pink Pink rocks!!!
People who think Marilyn manson is a goth
People who think Marilyn manson is a poser
People who dont like me because i like Marilyn manson<3
People who hate people with Difernt colour skin....Its just skin whats you're deel?
People who make Comments at me
People who knock on my door on a sunday trying to Make me a born agen Christian
Halloween/Dont get me wrong i like it but people call goth's.punk's.Alternatives a freak all year then they got the nerve to dress like us,and knock on my door for Sweets.I dont think soooo some how if you're over 7-years old dont knock my door.
Porn E~mails
Pop music
Limp Bizkit fans
Window sales men,come too my door and you will be leveing with the window placed up you're arse thank you.
the colour yellow (and no not because its the colour of the sun you dip shit the sun is not yellow)
People who e~mail me saying "how are you on this dark day...Im a vampire and i suck blood because i crave it the sun burns me and i want to die" 0_o youwill fucking die if you e~mail me with this shit.You prat
Metallica i am fucking telling you if i hear them on Kerrang one more time im going to get a rope and hang my self.