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Shivering in the Night Wind - Hallowe'en Musings

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Join us in the countdown to Hallowe'en.

days until Halloween 2014!

So Halloween 2013 has come and gone, and we are staring Halloween 2014 in the face. Tell me all about it when you sign my guestbook.

We're now well into another countdown to Halloween. Summer's end, or Samhain 2014 is just a few months away. Hopefully you've got your night planned out, because the celebration is just around the corner.

Want to know the weather? Open the front door!

But beware the weather zombies when you do. Hold on to your braaaiiins!

For all you Goth guys and gals out there - check out the ultimate Goth search engine. For all your Goth indulgences.

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Halloween is Here Ghost Stories

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Don't be afraid to come back to visit. I get lonely here all alone, especially when night falls.

Most of these links are not suitable for kids. You've been warned. Boo!

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Halloween Horror

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