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Right this is a poem I wrote
when I was pissed off after a
classmate had annoyed the living
daylights out of me...
I find that it sucks bigtime,
but it's the best
I have, in my opinion at least.
I'm better off as a story writer,
but poems, no matter how crap
they turn out to be,help
me let out all my feelings...
which are usually fury and pain...
Anyway, here it is:

Inside of me, a latent fury
Impatiently waiting to be set free
Once out, the adrenaline. Absolute
And momentary madness,
But soothing... saving

Inside of me, a total emptiness
The pain of discovering my acts
Repentance, incomprehension...
Confused feelings inside
my entrails, churning

Inside of me, a complete depression,
An infinite sadness to see myself,
My life and all around me.
A feeling of impotence and
Confinement. A bird in a cage

Inside of me, death...