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Burning Flame of Hope

ok this is where you find out how to be promoted, how to get on the council, and what the rules for the message board is.

~~Rules on message board~~

* No Spaming:
No Posting a message over and over.
The Message shouldn't be shorter then 2 lines long.

*No cussing!!!

*No Fighting

* Don't discuss about religion.


To get promoted you need to donate items, post, promote the guild, and be helpful.

To be promoted you must have a total of:
1st Promotion: 10 donations, 3 people to join, and 50 posts.
2nd Promotion: 25 donations, 7 people to join, and 100 posts
3rd Promotion: 38 donations, 11 people to join, and 150 posts.
4th Promotion: 60 donations, 20 people to join, and 200 posts.


To get on the council just apply, or send the leader a neomail, the council will be given layout powers so they can help out. Before you apply for a council spot, please make sure you are active, and can help out the guild.