Buffy 7.19 Screen Grabs - Empty Places

Here are some home made screen grabs, if you have any requests for other grabs, please feel free to send them to me at mathewignash@comcast.net, and I'll add them.

Okay, made it through another episode without being red-shirted. Anya had sex with Xander, that's so cool. So, anyone else glad we put the chains back up? Just me huh? Willow thinking: Anya's navel is looking at me... Now remember, never use a modern weapon against a more powerful opponent unless it's a plot device. You know I thought about becoming a nun for a while... There's no place I'd rather be, now that I've found Sunnydale... Nope, just doesn't sound right. Hey sweet thing, want a ride? Dawn: Master of the quick-change-hair! How about we overlook this arrest thing and I just let you frisk me? I'm just glad Rona is still alive so I'm not the bitchiest potential Slayer on the show. I'll tell you what Xander is like in bed if you tell me about Willow. So the plan for tonight it to get beat up by a bunch of teen age girls. Who's with me? Remember that time I grew a second head? Those were the days. No, Buffy and I arn't exclusive, why do you ask? Good to the last drop my ass. Hey! Watch the hands! It says: Whatever you do, keep candles away from this sign. Thank you, thank you very much. I should break up with Xander too. Well, they said it would cause you to go blind...

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