Buffy 7.18 Screen Grabs - Dirty Girls

Here are some home made screen grabs, if you have any requests for other grabs, please feel free to send them to me at mathewignash@comcast.net, and I'll add them.

Hey, where's Anya this episode? Actually I have Anya locked up in my closet. Little trick I learned from Wesley. I can't fight evil without a good condition and rinse every morning. No wonder I want to leave the show, they have me playing the lead hero AND villain this season! Evil vibe. Everyone, this is my wacky identical cousin. That will teach you to play with the catsup bottle. They canceled my series, so I'm here to ruin yours! Let's see... left or right... left or right...? Can someone please teach this girl English, or even Klingon? Just give me 5 minutes in the ring with Faith, that's all I ask. Possibly with jello. Just wait till next week when he have Willow having the same dream! So I flipped a coin and your show lost, I had to appear on Angel first! Wax on, wax off... Hey, we decided that the chains have to stay. Spike: Nice jacket. I couldn't be deader if I had a red shirt on. So I talked to the staff, and we're setting up a whole wing just for potentials and allies of the slayer! We even get a discount. What the hell happened to ''grrrl power''? Forget this Caleb guy, what the hell am I wearing around my neck! Post-pubscent dream fantasy workers local 522, hard at work. Thank goodness I got that thing off me, so what's this Caleb business? We were just deciding which of the potentials needed to die to make this episode more edgy. You lost Molly. Actually, Rona kicked my ass in my dreams last night. Sorry Buffy. That's it, my part this week is as the whiney potential? Bugger this, I'm going back to London to look up Olivia and have lots of sex. No, Angel is the vampire with a soul who loved Buffy and has DARK hair! Dammit, you're on UPN the wrong night! Enterprise is Wednesday! I wish my hair had bounce like Buffy's. So, you ladies visit my dreams often? First you get the money, then you get the women... NONONO! I not the eyebrow! I'll shave it, no plucking! Remind you of season 2 much?

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