Buffy 7.15 Screen Grabs - Get It Done

Here are some home made screen grabs, if you have any requests for other grabs, please feel free to send them to me at mathewignash@comcast.net, and I'll add them.

Listen to the commercial here!
Note: The song in the commercial is Just a Little Girl by Amy Studt.

I cook and I slave an what thanks do I get? Someone besides Willow has to get lucky this season! I'm trying to sell the idea for my new board game to Parker Brothers! Why do all the previews get all bright and dark now anyways? My name is Dorothy and I'm just trying to get home to Kansas. All these chains and no Spike? Sigh... Somebody needs a hug! Oh boy, casting magic, this always ends well! I'm here for my date with Xander. No Anya! I won't have sex with you! Now Buffy will become a part of my life sized zen garden! A Willow sandwitch? He asked for it. As this candle becomes flaming, so will Xander! What do you mean there is no Slayer dental plan? I havn't made this many women uncomfortable since the last time I went clubbing! Buffy meets Sliders! ...and now another episode of Samauri Principal! My God! Xander put your pants back on, you're scaring the potentials! I tell you to say ''OO EE OO AA AA BING BANG WADDA WADDA BING BANG''. A big demon with a good bowling ball could make a killing in scoobies! Hey! The special effects budget is back! ...if I only had a heart. Spike moves into action! Well, that didn't last long. What? We just asked this girl out. Short, dark hair. I think her name was Kennedy? Everybody mombo! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Sunnydale Slayer pep squad! Give me an ''L''! Hey Buffy, Principal Wood, just picked up some fun sexual aids for the girls. Want to try? I am Willow, all shall cower before my theramsilk hair in fear! No! Andrew! Put your clothes back on, I was joking about wanting to become gay!

Publicity photos:

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