Buffy 7.14 Screen Grabs - First Date

Here are some home made screen grabs, if you have any requests for other grabs, please feel free to send them to me at mathewignash@comcast.net, and I'll add them.

If Xander survives tonight, you think I have a chance at him? Let me show you your fabulous prizes! Dawn's tickling me! Let's face it, the only way I'm getting sex this season involves tying Andrew back up! You smeered grape jelly on the First Evil Andrew! You will pay! Spike? Have you been wearing my clothes again? NO! 'Gag me with a spoon' is only an expression! So how much is this gonna cost me? We said - ''If evil attacks us, it's throw the new girl at it and run!'' Keep it quiet down here, I was just making out with Willow's girlfriend. Holy crap, Annabelle's hips were totally smaller then this! As a side job I made storyboards for the new Marylon Manson music video. I call this meeting of the Secret Sunnydale Commission For World Dominance to order. From Turok-Han to Turok-Hand? Well, now that I got my new ball, let's go bowling! When no one can touch you, you learn to make your own fun. A singles ad? Frisky lesbian Slayer in training seeking same? Is this a hint? Yep, we got chemistry, can't you tell? That will teach those kids not to be tardy! The hardware store whore, in her natural setting. They said I could be on the show, as long as I don't sing. Hmmm, yummy carpenter. Let's see... Have wild sex with him? Sacrifice him to a demonic seal? Have sex with him?.. What makes you think I need a man when I have this? (bzzzz) Damned oat bran! I was killed in the 70's! I can't help the hair style, it was in back then. Now I will reveal the real reason I gave a pretty uneducated blonde girl a job at the school. Look deeply into my eyes! You are getting sleepy! Well it's about time you got some this season Xander! So, back to dating the living again? Where did I put that letter opener? I just kissed Kennedy again, and now my face is stuck like this! I'm on a lesbian, woo hoo, radio! My date is more evil then your date! Daddy like. Now I wish I didn't send that text message to Willow saying I was getting some, don't bother me. Aren't we taking this Christ figure thing a little too seriously, I mean I'm a carpenter, but... Actually Clem and I have a date next Saturday!

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