Buffy 7.13 Screen Grabs - The Killer In Me

Here are some home made screen grabs, if you have any requests for other grabs, please feel free to send them to me at mathewignash@comcast.net, and I'll add them.

I'm been guest starring on this show since before you were a sparkle in the writer's eyes! Forget Willow, and join me, I shall complete your training... Okay, I'm a closet Star Wars geek! Shall we tango? Hello? Can I get a side of lame plot contrivance with this episode? Thanks! Not only hasn't Giles touched me, NO ONE has! Chord... chord... chord... um... chord... Gee Will, I try to be open minded about your lifestyle choices, but THIS? Um, I think Xander might be the First Evil, maybe I should go touch him? You know Anya, if Kennedy and Willow don't work out, the show will still need a lesbian couple... Can I show my line of skin care products? Gee, you don't feel like Warren. To bad we did't have one of these babies when the Harbingers attacked last time! No, I don't have lasbidar, I'm just hit on every girl I meet. No! Not the dead lesbian cliche! Okay, okay, I'll STOP hitting on you! So I'll go out to the desert with my lame plot contrivance, and you guys stay here. No one touched me either. Xander may be lame, but I'll still hide behind him when trouble shows up. If the house is empty why are we all still sleeping in the living room? We'll fix his chip, but we also have to do a ass-in-face transplant, Agent Finn's orders. STOP! In the name of love, before you break my heart... I'm so bored I'm ready to play Kevin bloody Bacon with whats-his-name! AARGGHH! Bad 80's movies quotes! No! Can someone please fix my undead love toy? Dear lord this is fun! Don't forget the bake sale, first Tuesday of each month! What? This is just me without putting on my makeup in the morning. hmmm... Forget Willow, I want more Warren kisses! Please bless our brownies and buntcakes. Group snuggle? Goodie! I'll just go up stair and change and be right back! Okay, Willow-smoochie episode, that can be good right? I'm so sexy when I'm evil! Well, you've got to ask yourself, do I feel lucky? Well, do you punk? Go ahead, make my day! I can do this, I'll just keep thinking of Alexis. If only we had a device which allowed us to speak with people at distances, we could just ask Buffy if she touched Giles.

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