Buffy 7.12 Screen Grabs - Potential

Here are some home made screen grabs, if you have any requests for other grabs, please feel free to send them to me at mathewignash@comcast.net, and I'll add them.

Listen to the commercial here!

This councilor is a total nutcase. I was just out looking for by boobs. Stake it to me! Why can't I be a potential? You smelt it, you cast it. You kill the vampires, and I'll hock their jewelery! So them you nuzzle his ear... I mean stake him! So tell me what you are wearing Xander? Mostly, I want you to wriggle. Let's go check out your old crypt Spike. Wanna see something really scarry? SURPRISE! At least she isn't tying them up and feeding them to a demon like she did me. I kissed a vampire once too. Dawn phone home. Buffy should really nail my window shut. I wonder if Connor has a girlfriend? Dawn, have you ever heard of Zeppo Marks? Um, Mister Spike sir? Do you have a stake in your front pocket? More beer nuts! Actually it's a gay demon bar. Can I just taste one of them Spike? I can fly! I wonder if Willow goes with boxers, briefs or commando? What the? I'm cold and I wish Xander was here. Hello flying fatalities! So I walked right in on Xander in the shower and saw everything! I'm bored, when's dinner? This is like some badly written TV show. I love the feel of wood in my hands. I NEED to get better clothes. No one taped Angel? but I missed it because they changed the night to Wednesday! ...and Spike and I had sex there once, and over there twice... Damn that boy looks fine. Now if I could get Spike alone for 10 minutes... What the hell is Buffy doing? That's all our special effects budget could afford? Bloody, William the bloody. Honk honk! So many necks to choose from... I call him Mister Pointy. Andrew is kinda cute. What do you mean? I look good in this hat! Maybe I should stick to computers? What happened to minty fresh spellcasting? Well, at least no one broke a window this week.

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