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cOme aRmageDdon

Things To Do Today

Alright, welcome back to my world. I have finally decided to get off my lazy ass and got back to work on my AMV. Main reason is i want to enter it at Tekkoshocon ( ).Enjoy my updates, The newest add on is pretty kick ass, lemme know what you think of my synchronization of the clips, this add on it will be ready to veiw in a few days... Enjoy - Tap --O, dont I just love angelfire. I have tried multiple times to update beautifle renders of my vid so you, the fans, could enjoy the progress, but angelfire has screwed me over for uploading. Well the good news is that I am near complete, and the deadline is March 1! If you would like to view my progress, instant message me on aim baldwinkingweird, and i can file transfer to you over night (i have a 56k modem :/ ) thanks for keeping an eye out fokes and watch for a premiere of MILF Films AMV at Tekkoshocon.


Politics For Heritics
The update of my amv, Im missing things, its terrible, i need to find wat I need to fix it...