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----- Absinthe Zero -----

Absinthe Zero is:

This is Arianna, You can call me Ari. Cat and I are the computer nerds so it will mainly be us who update the site from time to time. Well, we have been playing at a few local places and such. Some metalfests and a lock-in. Fun huh? Lately, and literaly I mean [LATE]ly, we've been sitting around messing with lyrics and the such. Cat's been going insane on his guitar. He plan on smashing it into n amp one day. I told him if he does that before we can afford to replace it, His head will follow the doomed guitar. Heh heh.. Well, so this site will mainly be just a journal and slight reference until we actualy produce an album. But before that goes down, We will have to invest in a wireless mic... Because drunken fans and wires dont mix. I love the fans to death, but it's just not cool when they leap around on the stage while we're loading back up, and get tangled in the wires, causing the mic to fall offstage and do something bad. Because i dont know what happened to it, but its dented.. and it squeals really bad every now and then. So.. moving along. My spelling isn't the best, but I'm sure you get what I'm saying, right? Well anyway.. You know what's fun? Ha ha.. false happiness there, I'm got a second job.. So if you ever pop into a Barns and Noble booksellers and see me, please, dont mention any of our lyrics infront of important looking people. They are pretty uptight and I don't think I would keep the job long if they knew I sing about half of the things I sing about. So hey there.. [Enter Keith, Damian, Cat, Jen, and Seth through front door with... Horray!!! Chinese Food!!!! ] Well guess what? I'm outta here! All of our performances are really random and last minute, but I'll post them ahead of time when I can. See you hopefuly! - Ari C.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hallo! Well I see Ari already got ahold of the page. Dont worry about her complaining (aka Bitching), girls do that. This is Cat by the way:)And no, thats not my real name, and I sort fo remember how I got the nick name. If T remember right, It as when I was learning to play violen (don't ask me to play, I forgot it all), and I was so bad at it, I sounded like a cat screeching all loud. Well, people started calling me cat. So along with something else. Addressing what Ms. Claire said the other day(above): She is the computer nerd of the group, not me, She beat me there. She's also a plaid freak. She wears red and black plaid constantlly. Pajama pants, regular pants, shirts, skirts, braclets and I bet she would die her hair plaid if it was possible. Because shes done her makeup plaid before. She has too much time and too mcuh eyeshadow. But enough with that girl, being a guitarist is fun. I recommend this possision to all guys who have trouble with girls. The opposite (and occasionaly same) sex for some reason gravitate to Damian and myself. Just last week we had to beat them off with sticks, That is, is we had sticks, but even if we did, I dont think we would have really beaten them. So as far as shows go: Were schedualed to play somewhere tomorrow (sunday)night, If weather cooperates. If it gets stormy like it has been, it's canceled, and don't yell at me, I have nothing to do with it. all I can say is FREE DAY! I'm going to the movies to see 2fast 2furious with the guys and I think Ari's comming too, shes bringing her guy (whos name i dont think im allowed to mention, hint: long blonde hair, blue eyes. Yes, they are his and her. I'm just clearing the air) Sorry, there are alot of rumors going on about the poor girl. And I'm trying to help(being the sweet adorable guy i am). But hey! Look at the time, Unlike other people *cough* Ari, Damian, and Keith!!! I like to get my rest at night, not during the afternoon! So good night all.. Cat.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well.. long time no see.. This is Ari again. I've noticed that Cat's been here.. He changed thhe picture on the page again.. :P Lol.. punk.. Yeah, thats my new haircut.. What do ya think..? Ha.. whatever, I'm growing it out again... You wouldn't believe who cut it.. Damian! Ha! Another somewhat backstage experience. Last minute kind of thing. I was mad about something I dont remember what, and Damian just walked up with a pair of scissors, ( that i later found out he was using to cut tape from the boxes) and asked to trim my hair.. I dnt know why i let him do it.. I was mad and bored. Anyway. It did make me feel better though.. I was too nervous that he would fuck my hair up to worry about what was making me upset.. which its boy problems and im not going into it. oh.. and I'm very sorry.. but this is my ahead-of-time posting.. concert tonight.. at 11:00 pm.. technicaly it starts at 10.. but we dont start until 11. Anyway.. We have complete control over stage four. Thats all I know.. Keith is driving and Damian knows all the bussiness.. Lol.. my job is to stand around and look pretty. Ha ha.. So he wishes.. Thats what Keith told me last week. I asked if I could help with anything.. thats what he said, and then told me to clear the people from the back area so we could load everything up. Anyway.. Well, It's about 9:30. I should get going if we are going to be there ontime. And before I go, I want to say hi to that one group of fans that show up wearing black and green all the time. ^_^ It's all about our supporters! Thank you much and Hope to see you front row tonight! Later - Ari C.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Guess who? You'd be wrong.It's not Ari, And it's not Cat. This is actualy Damian. Yeah. I'm online. Messing with the site.. or page.. I'll probably end up fucking this thing royaly, and its going to crash or something. I dont do the computer thing. I can do it.. but I just dont. Anyway. So Where are the two who nornaly do the computer thing? Well, Cat's "busy" With a girl.. Thats right! My little brother is gettin some. Ha ha.. At least he better be, if he isn't.. he's a dumbass and I'm going to kick his ass for it. So about Ari.. She's probably at the same business, different location. Her and her boyfriend went to the "mall", and they have been gone a long time. Like.. lets just say.. they left at noon.. and it's now almost 6:00 pm. And Ari doesn't like the mall all that much, She spends maby an hour in Hot Topic, 30 miutes in the food court, and ten minutes scaring babies. Well, so This is taking a while.. I'm looking up other sites and such. I think I want to buy one of Marilyn Manson's paintings.. Ha.. I'll buy the one Ari has her heart set on, and hang it in my room, or burry it in the closet. She'll be so pissed that she wanted it, I got it, and I shove it in my closet. If I decide to get it, those things are pretty expensive. For 2 grand, I think I would rather buy a really nice bass guitar, or a down-payment on a new car. But hey, looky there, it's Ari and **** Lol.. She said I can't put his name on the site.. For personal reasons between the two.. I think I shall mention him as.. "Mr.X". Or Lurch. From the Addams family.. Hes tall and lanky. And gothic. And it would make sence.. Ari is like Wensday.. But older.. and-- yeah.. Well I'm back to expanding my Crow Collection.. I have my eyes on this Brandon Lee poster. Damian E. Chant ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BAM!!! Long time.. Hiya.. This ish Ari again... Well guess what!!! Ha ha ha!! I laughed so hard, Cat broke his hand!!! Lol!! Dumbass. He was trying to be all tough, well all the guys were.. It was the whole group of us, we were hanging out at this one guys house.. One of Keith's Friends.. So he had this room full of glass and mirrors.. and they had this thing about proving that breaking a mirro wasn't 7 years bad luck.. which i dont think is true. But its still funny.. So that evolved into, who could break the mirrors and glass with thier bare hands.. Smart huh? So Damian let loose on this hug mirror, busted it up and his hand is all messy and cut up now.. So we went to clean it off, well next thing that happes is we are in the kitchen and we hear Cat let out this screech, another good reason for the nick name "Cat", so I run in there to see what's going on and he's holding his hand and it's dripping with blood, he couldnt move his fingers so we took him to my aunt's house to check it out, (shes a nurse.. Lol) She looked at it and laughed, telling him he broke his hand in three spots.. aka his poor little knuckles. So.. good thing we didnt really have much planned for the next few weeks. Well I lied, We did.. but it wasn't too terribly important, kind of a .. go if you can thing. So everyone is busting on Cat, so if you see him with his wrapped up hand, slap his arm and call him tough guy. Lol!! Actualy.. send him an email.. The address is on the page.. It's mine, but he has his mail sent there also.. Just make the subject To Cat, any to me.. just put To Ari.. or For Ari C. and the same for Keith and Damina.. To [Name Here] Simple.. if there is no preference to anyone.. make it to abisnthe Zero.. that way we know who its from and such.. because its easy to have mail mistaken for spam and such.. it might get deleted.. well.. im going to go bust on cat some moe.. Lol.. hes watching the this should be easy.. Later! -Ari C. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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