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This'd have to be all my speical pictures in my special photo album. I'm too much of a retard for thumbnails. Don't even talk to me. I know they suck.

This is Jimi. Jimi the guitar.
Get well soon, Davey.
B/W overlayed graffiti [I didn't take the picture]
Stupid little tag thing.
Canada the Beautiful.
A future tattoo. <33 AFI
AFI symbol type thing.
Nick Zinner [Yeah Yeah Yeahs] in grayscale
My fantastic VegasBoy.
Does anyone remember this kid? Hehe
Tim Burton's pincushion queen.
Robert Smith is pretty.
Some really adorable guy who I don't know.
Fat, ugly girl.
That same ugly girl.
This idiot won't leave me alone.
What a disgusting face she has.
I hate her. Eew. Get her away.