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Elvis has left the building!

So you're curious about me are ya?


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I bet you're wonderin' a lot of things, like where is Goldie from? Hmm, I'm from the U.S., west coast. I like workin' out, designing things on the web, playin' video games, watchin' scary movies and action movies like "Smokin' Aces". I draw and paint my own artwork, as well as write. Right now I'm working on a novel that can be turned into a movie eventually and I got it all in my head, the movie poster, action figures, everything! Guess I'm different than most people cause' I'm driven to strive for those kinda' dreams. It's either success or nothing to me. I like heavy music. But I'm not your typical metalhead. I stay outta trouble and I quit smokin'. I got a big imagination and plan on makin' it work for me. My life keeps getting better and better and I feel like my life is only startin' to begin, like Conan at the wheel, if you know what I mean. I don't believe in looking back, no regrets babe! And I don't believe in having a broken heart, I can't have my heart broken. But I believe in passion. One thing that I pride myself on is striving to stay youthful, cause' I see so many younger people than me that act so old, and they all think I'm childish, but I'm smarter than anyone I know. I believe in being able to relate to all kinds of people, being nice to everyone. If you don't agree with that then you're in your own world. I got big plans to make an even better and amazing website in the future. But don't worry I'll advertise on Goldie's Gold first, ha! Stay tuned I might add to this page in the future.