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TT Couples

OK, here we are. At that inevitable page that focuses on the possibilities of couples on Teen Titans. As teens, it is natural for the characters to develop romantic interests and in time, start dating. And because of this fact, a great majority of TT fans become 'shippers for a particular couple. A 'shipper is a person who supports a couple, or a character, or something of the like. In this case, a 'shipper is someone who supports a pairing on the show and shows support as they choose. This is the place to exaimine the possible couplings. I'll get more up as time goes on. The pages are in the form of JPEG images to save space, and I have added them as links rather than putting them all on this page, to make it faster for dial-up connections to load. You'll have to use the back button to return to this page from the separate couple pages. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you would like to suggest a couple, please visit the Feedback page, Instructions will be included on the feedback page. Thanks! And sorry theFeedback page URL wouldn't work as a link. It has to be copied and pasted into your brower because links won't work in this text box >_<


Robin x Starfire
Beast Boy x Raven
Cyborg x Jinx
Robin x Raven
Beast Boy x Terra
Cyborg x Raven
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