Symbols & Amulets
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Symbols & Amulets

Eternal; never-ending. Wholeness, completion, Seld and Spirituality.

Continuity of life with past, present, future; the interrelatedness of all living things.

Protection symbolized by the four directions of the cross; union of elements and

Physical life in harmony with spiritual life.

The Earth and her four quarters; the union of Earth with the spiritual world.

Eternity, the dynamic balance between solar and lunar forces.

Square, the foundation of the home, the material world and material security.

Evolution, growth and progress, the flow of energy through space, landforms, and
living things.

The energy generated when the four elements are bound together with the fifth
element, spirit.

Union of opposites and harmonious balance of creative forces make this the Star of

Creative focus of body, mind and spirit. (Also symbolizes the female when upside

Asian charm depicts 5 bats as the blessing of health, wealth, love of virtue, old age,
and natural death.

Childbearing, powerfully protective mother instincts, hibernation symbolizes
introspection and self renewal.

Harbingers of Spirit, Earth's fertility, social co-operation, industriousness.

Ancient symbol of the soul, exemplifies transformation.

Personal pride, self-assurance, love of beauty, and comfort. Black cats are especially
lucky (associations with bad luck come from the Medieval Church, which reviled cats
because they were the totem animals of Love Goddess); embody the Spirits of Place
because of their attachment to their homes.

Earth mother, nourishment, taking care of physical needs, the wealth of the Earth,
fertility cycles of the Moon.

Cleverness, guise of the trickster, surviving by ones wits.

Maternal affection, healing touch, grace and gentility.

Companionship, fidelity, household guardian.

The connection between human sentience and that of the animal kingdom.

The raw, powerful, flowing, energies of the Life Force as it courses through landforms
and the elements of Fire, Water, and Air.

Ethereal, illusionary beauty.

The Water element, fertility and richness.

Transformation, evolution, small impulses that lead to meaningful things, also the
herald of nourishing rain and the beginning of spring.

Great power coupled with great gentility, personal power in both physical and spiritual

Good luck coming from the gifts of the Love Goddess.

Innocence, the playful vitality of youth.

The raw power of the fire elements.

Basking habits show the lizards love of the sun, and the Sun returns that love;
symbolized the solar powers that value and nourish even small things.

The importance of the small things in life.

Their rounded shape suggests pregnancy, fertility, and abundance, their rooting around
also associates them with the Earth mysteries.

Fertility, sexuality, abundance.

Transformation, rebirth into eternal life.

Associated with the healing arts because of self-renewal and spiralling coils suggesting
the flow of the Life Force; and going into the ground represents knowledge of the
mysteries (also means union with the Goddess).

The web of life (ancient symbol relevent to modern ecology), personal skill, good luck
for craftpersons and witches.

Their rounded shape suggests pregnancy, fertility, and abundance, their rooting around
also associates them with the Earth mysteries.

Fertility, sexuality, abundance.

Transformation, rebirth into eternal life.

Security and prosperity of a cozy homestead.

Peace, love and fertility.

Spiritual power, the ability to soar beyond all limitations.

Alertness, awareness, ability to see the heart of the matter.

Pure joy, ecstatic lightness of being, love charm.

Amulet Power

An acorn anointed with musk oil and carried in your purse, pocket, or charm bag will
help to attract the opposite sex to you. To increase you income, anoint an acorn with
three drops of pine oil when the Moon is waxing, and then bury it in your yard as close
as possible to the front door of your house. For WItches and Pagans who follow a
Druidic or Celtic tradition, three acorns placed on a Yule Sabbat altar will help
increase magickal or divinatory powers and also bring peace and protection to a druid
circle. at one time acorns were commonly used by practitioners of the occult arts as an
amulet to gain immortality.

Carry a musk or rose oil anointed Adam and Eve root in your pocket, purse, or charm
bag as an amulet to attract the opposite sex or to make any form of love magick more

Agate is a semiprecious crystalline gemstone that attracts good luck, aids meditations,
and protects against accidental falls and all kinds of danger. It is the symbol of health
and long life, and a powerful good luck charm for all persons born in the month of
June. Witches have long used this gemstone in rituals to invoke the powers of the
Goddess and the Horned God. According to medieval belief, an agate amulet can
reduce fever, relieve thirst (when placed in the mouth), and protect against the bites of
scorpions and serpents. To purify the blood, according to Arabian legend wear an
agate amulet in the shape of an arrow.

Wear a gold charm in the shape of an Aladdin's lamp in order to bring you good luck
and happiness in all that you do. Rub the lamp amulet to make wishes and dreams
come true.

To protect yourself against all forms of sorcery, wear a necklace made of alligator
teeth around your neck. In various folklore's, alligator teeth are also believed to possess
the power to heal the body and to counteract poison.


Herbal Amulets

To See Ghosts:
Carry lavender and inhale it's scent.

To Allay Fear:
Carry a mixture of nettle and yarrow.

To Detect Witches:
Carry a sachet of rue, maidenhair, agrimony, broom-straw and ground ivy.

To Be Courageous:
Wear a fresh borage flower, or carry mullein.

To Avoid Military Service:
Wear the four-leaved clover, if you wish to avoid duty.

To Ensure Safety And Protection on a Journey:
Comfrey worn or carried will safeguard you.

To Prevent Storms And Wreckage While At Sea:
Put a garlic clove in your purse or in your pocket. In the South Pacific or in Hawaii
wear a garland of ti leaves.

To Guard Against Rape:
Wear the heather to avoid all acts of passion.

To Keep One From Dreaming:
Hang a sprig of lemon verbena around the neck.

To Conceive:
Wear the mistletoe (note: mistletoe is an herb associated with fertility, hence, 'kissing
under the mistletoe' J)

To Prevent Weariness While Walking:
Put mugwort in the shoe.

To Keep Venomous Beast And Wild Animals Afar:
Wear avens or mullein.

To Keep Others From Deceiving You:
Wear the pimpernel or snapdragon.

To Keep Disease Far:
Wear a sprig of rue around the neck.

To Enable A Soldier To Escape His Enemies:
Wear the vervain and you shall accomplish this.

To Avoid Being Sent To The Gallows:
Wear or carry a carnation.

To Ensure Victory:
Wear woodruff to win.

To Ensure That Friendly Words Are Spoken To You:
Wear the heliotrope.

To Enter The Underworld:
Carry an apple, or the branch of an apple tree that bears buds, flowers and fully ripened

To Regain Lost Manhood:
Carry and acorn or mandrake root.

To Remain Youthful:
Carry an acorn.

To Prevent Drunkenness:
Wear a chaplet (wreath for the head) of saffron, crocus, parsley, or rue to prolong your

To See Faeries:
Gather wild thyme and carry it with you, or put it on the eyelids (with your eyes
closed) and sleep on a Faerie hill.

To Be A Successful Fisherman:
Carry a bit of the hawthorne.

To See A Unicorn:
As this beast usually lives among ash trees, carry a bit of the wood or leaves and you
many see one. Or, lie down among ashes and place one of its leaves on your chest and
wait for one to make itself known.

Healing Amulets

A good all-purpose amulet is fashioned from one peeled clove of garlic, a pinch of
eucalyptus, a pinch of cinnamon, two pinches of sage, one pinch saffron. Sew up in a
blue cloth and anoint with sandalwood oil. This is to be carried at all times by the
afflicted until the problem is gone.
For lung complaints, try using spearmint in the healing amulet along with the
rest of the herbs.
For problems with the head or mind add a little rosemary.
Eye complaints indicate eyebright or camomile.
For any other illness, the basic amulet will be fine.
Remember while sewing up the sachet to concentrate on healing vibrations.
You should already be infused with these energies for the healing oil (see below)
attunes the body to this plane.
When the amulet is finished, wrap it up in a green cloth and give it to the patient, hang
it around the neck if it is for you, or store in a safe place until it can be delivered.
Every three days until the illness is gone, anoint with sandalwood oil. If the person will
be far away, say a healing rune over the bottle of the oil a
nd give it to them with strict