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                                The pages contained within this website are mainly our own work,
                                but some parts are the copyright of various other people and we would like
                                to thank them  for all their works and if anyone one would wish to contribute
                                to this site please E-Mail us and we would be happy to add you to the site.

                                We would also like to thank for their resources in the
                                making of this site.

                                Also a thanks goes to ULEAD for their graphics program COOL 3D which
                                a lot of the graphics was made.

                                We would also like to give thanks to the Goddess and God for giving us
                                the inspiration to be able to write this site, without which it may not have
                                been able to be completed.

                               This site is dedicated to friends and family:

                                Abigail, Elizabeth, James, Simon, Jason, Heidi, Kyle, Chris, Angie,
                                Jackie, Jane, Christine, Robert, Bobby, Jamie, Scotty, Winniefred,
                                Margaret, John, James, Donald, Mary, Jean.

                                If we have forgot to mention any materials belonging to anyone please
                                E-Mail us and we will add you to the credits

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