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Craft Of The Wise

Across a thousand nations,
And forty thousand years,
The teachers and the healers,
We are the Craft of the Wise,
The Old World and the New World,
Remember the nature people,
We who were persecuted,
And we shall be reborn.

And we dance round, hand in hand,
We are at one with the tides of the land,
We are wild and we are free,
We are wild and we are free.

But the tide is ever changing,
The wheel ever spinning round,
And in the heart of the dying Empire,
Was born the Church of Rome,
And they did rise, but they shall fall,
And all their lies shall be seen as lies,
And the world shall be free from the yolk of guilt,
And they shall be no more.

The forests of the world are dying,
But they shall be reborn,
For the wind of change is coming,
A-riding on the storm,
And from the desolation,
Is born the seed of hope,
For the tyrants fall, one and all,
The Wheel is ever spinning round.

Wicca - As Seen Through My Eyes

Wooded glens, wandering streams,
Rolling hills, valleys hidden away,
Islands of flowers, carpets of green,
Gentle breezes caress the day,
Mother Earth creates her ultimate scene.

Mountain silhouettes, skies of blue,
Snowy peaks, veils of white,
Wandering clouds, a sun so true,
Illuminates the Goddess's might,
Mother Earth creates her ultimate view.

Searing sun, relentless heat,
Arid deserts, scorching sand,
Nocturnal life, mid-day retreat,
Life underground, cactus stand,
Mother Earth creates her ultimate feat.

Frozen tundra, ice so cold,
Bitter winds, drifting snows,
Snowstorms, ever so bold,
Midnight sun, life still grows,
Mother Earth creates her ultimate hold.

Rivers and brooks, ever so swift,
Ponds, lakes, oceans, ever so deep,
Life underwater, aimlessly adrift,
Overflowing bounties, yet to reap,
Mother Earth creates her ultimate gift.
Life above ground, life in the sand,
Life in the ground, fish in the sea,
Birds in the air, animals on land,
Life abounds everywhere, as it should be,
Mother Earth creates her ultimate scheme so grand.

Who could ever believe this to be real,
We of the Wicca know this is no dream,
Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit, we do feel,
Is all in our Mother's grand scheme.
Mother Earth now needs us to help her heal.

The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone

The room begins to darken,
No, it is not dusk.
For even now, I hear the cock stirring atop his post.
They tell me the candles burn bright as the Sun at high noon;
Yet, their light seems to me as dull as my hair that once shone like gold,
and is now gray as the storm clouds of the sea.
Faces fade in and out of my weakening vision:
Faces of my childhood,
Faces of those I loved.
My clawlike hand grips another's tightly,
A hand smooth and soft as mine once was.
Flicker, flicker, flicker, flicker,
I blink. And see a beautiful girl-child holding my hand.
Her skin is smooth to the touch,
And laughter sparkles in Her emerald eyes.
Her long, silky hair cascades down Her back in loose waves,
And a wreath spun of spring buds adorns Her untroubled brow,
Her slim form, barely beginning to ripen into womanhood,
Reminds me of my youth.
She smiles gently, And whispers a word.
Flicker, flicker, flicker, flicker,
I blink,
And see a woman.
Her steady hazel eyes comfort me.
The laugh lines around Her eyes and mouth are clear and beautiful.
Her thick hair is bound in a braid,
And a circlet of gold rests upon Her brow.
Her rounded belly reveals the life nestled inside.
She bends close to me,
And places Her smooth lips on my withered cheek.
She whispers. Mother.
Flicker, flicker, flicker, flicker,
I blink,
And see a face all to like my own:
Her cheeks are hollow and Her skin withered.
She leans upon a great staff,
Her clawlike hands grasping it as if it were life itself.
Her eyes burn with a gentle intesity,
And as I gaze into them,
I see the Wise Woman,
She gestures, And whispers.
Flicker, flicker, flicker, flicker,
I blink,
And see Them. The Three.
Maiden. Mother. Crone.
The Three who are One.
As one, They beckon me;
And I feel my spirit stir in response.
The maiden whispers,
Come with us Mother.
The Mother whispers,
Join your companions, sister.
The Crone whispers,
Do not be afraid, my daughter.
I sigh and close my eyes.
My soul rises and greets the Three.
And upon each of Their brows,
The crescent blazes,
And I know that it burns upon my brow as well.
Flicker, flicker, flicker, flicker.

Samhain Night

When the moon on a cloud cast night,
Hung above the tree tops height,
You sang me of some distant past,
That made my heart beat strong and fast,
Now I know I'm home at last.

You offered me an eagle's wing,
That to the sun I might soar and sing,
And if I heard the owl's cry,
Into the forest I would fly,
And in its darkness find you by.

And so our love's not a simple thing,
Nor our truths unwavering,
But like the moon's pull on the tide,
Our fingers touch our hearts collide,
I'll be a moonsbreath by your side.

Wiccan Poetry

The Goddess speaks to me,
In the constant babbling of the stream,
The Goddess speaks to me,
In the heat of a sun beam,
The Goddess speaks to me,
In the fierce rush of the breeze,
The Goddess speaks to me,
In the gentle rustling of the leaves,
The Goddess speaks to me,
In the soft patter of cat paws,
The Goddess speaks to me,
In the fiery colours of the Fall,
The Goddess speaks to me,
In the still of the night Rocking me tenderly,
Saying everything is all right And,
Although others don't understand my way,
The Goddess speaks to me each and every day.


I am willing to be different and strong.
I am willing to be different and beautiful.
I am willing to be different and free.
For this difference is the same.
The Goddess, Her forces.
My dreams, the Moon.
My feelings.
My creativity.
My passion.
My deep love of all creation.
And the only conforming I need to do is forming creation.
For I am form, and I am forming to universal law therefore must survive.
And even though I may at times feel alone and misunderstood,
I will remember that I have sisters and brothers out there who are learning to be Free,
Like me. And that I am not alone, but all One, and one with All.
And that once, all life, was respected and loved.
And will be again.

My Death

My Death, my Death,
You come neigh this night!
As I sag into a fleshy puddle on,
my deathbed; As I stare vacuously at the ceiling;
As I reflect the cold fluorescent,
from my face; As I wait hopelessly for the uncaring friends;
As I scream silently,
at the unhearing attendants;
Only through my pain do I yet know Life.

My Death, my Death,
You come neigh this night!
As I fight You for another,
second of painful Life;
As I fight You for another minute of painful Life;
As I fight You for another hour of painful Life;
As I fight You for another day of painful Life;
As I fight You for another week of painful Life;
You are my Adversary,
And I won't come cheap.

My Death, my Death,
You come neigh this night!
As I know You,
I get right to the point; As I know You,
I reject my petty concerns;  As I know You,
I disdain my personal ambitions; As I know You,
I strip my priorities raw; As I know You,
I know what is truly important; You are my Advisor,
Forcing me to face the truth.

The Abyss

Take me to the Abyss, Let me live in suspence, In the realm of weightlessness...
Live as a bird in flight today, Live as a pagan in trance, you may, But be merry,
happy, and gay...
Age and life, These in the Abyss are but, Love and strife...
Time and age mean nothing here, Hunger and want, There's nothing to fear...
Take me to the Abyss, Take me away today, I wish to be in a world that is
Happy, merry, and gay...

Bright Blessings

Earth Mother,
Giver of life,
Strengthen me during my life-long strife.
Teach me your ways of perfect love,
Peace, and wisdom true.
Spawn from my purest heart,
These words to you,
May this prayer help me to better myself in word and deed,
To a higher plane I shall succeed.
Beautiful light of goodness fair,
Lore of old we both do share,
A Witch's brew, I drink to you,
My love for you, by day, by night,
In thought and in sight,
Will my soul learn the meaning of this life.

Wind Walker

He follows the wind....
The Keepers by his side,
This Witch burns bright,
His faith he will not hide.

The Moon rules his world,
The Goddess true and wise,
Her truth and silver light,
You'll see reflected in his eyes.

There is no fear in his heart,
For Odin is his shield,
The magic of the Old Ones,
Are the weapons that he wields.

Each full moon the circle's cast,
His wand he raises high,
The Family needs he brings to Her,
Though no one heard them cry.

His energy builds, and spells he does,
And then he grounds the flow,
Giving Her his love and thanks,
Before She turns to go.

His eyes now seek the East,
He greets his father Sun,
Tired and yet,  head held high,
He joins with the One.

Until he finds the Summerland,
His path is clear in sight,
The Keepers watch his back,
The Goddess guards his night.

Who you ask and rightly so,
Could this Wiccan be?,
It is the Windtracker!,
Bright Blessings! Blessed Be!!


It rained last night when it was dark,
The raindrops echoed through out the park,
A gentle breeze began to blow,
As countless leaves danced to and fro.

Their tempo was hurried their rhythm was swift,
They reached a crescendo and started to lift,
And as they were dancing suspended in air,
My soul was awakened and rid of despair.

I silently questioned the place that was found,
As all of the leaves had returned to the ground,
My breathing was shallow my pulse was at rest,
 My life was transposed my troubles confessed.

 When i opened my eyes once again i had found,
My attention was drawn to the leaves on the ground,
What i found in their place was a faint glow of light,
That emerged from the darkness on this magical night.

 As it grew i was startled my vision was blurred,
She then spoke to me softly without saying a word,
Her voice was a whisper as faint as a sigh,
Like the sound of the wings when angels fly by,
My mind was ecstatic my soul was aglow,
At the miraculous wonder that emerged from below.

 We danced and we sang and our souls took flight,
And i knew that forever we would be one with the light,
The rain is still falling and the leaves they still,
Fly i will love you forever until the day that i die.

 It was then that i understood where my life would lead,
Me and which spiritual path i must take.

A Devotional

Within the comfort of my Circle,
In Perfect Peace and Love,
I call out to the Lord and Lady,
To bless me from above.

Dear Mother of the Earth and Seas,
Dear Father at Her side,
I need not seek afar for You,
For within me You abide.

Your presence is here, for all around,
Your love, like moonlight, glows,
You touch all life in every form,
In the beauty of Nature it shows.

I give you thanks for all I have.
In return, my love I send,
Into the Earth that is my home,
My life, my love, my friend.

Each day I'll walk along the Path,
That You have laid out for me,
In Perfect Love and with harm to none,
Forever. Blessed be.

Faerie Wings

On gossamer wings do faeries fly,
As pixies in their rosebuds lie.

Candle flicker, incense burn,
Spirit to its home return.

Casting, divining, drawing down the moon,
Enter the circle of power soon.

Enchantment courts the seeking soul,
Projecting as the dream unfolds.

Waning moon or witching hour,
Offering of sacred dower.

Fertile womb of Mother Earth,
Skyclad from the great rebirth.

Scattering of telling rune,
Sisters unite by rite of moon.

Earth, Air , Fire , Water,
Elemental Goddess daughter.

Creating Your Dream

What is this purpose that each of us try to fulfill?
It all comes down to the minds vision and,
What it sees.

Slowly- realizing your true destiny,
With which path you should lead.

It is up to you and,
Where you truly need to be,
Lies within your mind's own visual dreams.

Or to be expressed by,
Chanting thoughts or breathing deep.

It's all the same when energy is escaped,
Through the minds own game of playing mystery.

Enter into me,
Anyway that you please.
Release your mind naturally drifts into ecstasy.

Euphoric feelings,
Optimistic viewpoints and spirituality.

Love me tender,
Set your soul free and,
You will only see life's energy forces allowing freedom to be.

Whatever you want,
Creating your reality dream.


Wolfs Shadow

A single bird spread feathered wings and takes flight,
On a mountain top a wolf sings for the moon,
Trees surrounding a meadow whisper secrets to the wind,
And a woman waits for night.

The sun begins to fade,
Off in the distance a wolf still sings his lonesome serenade,
And a meadow waits in silence.

The moon rises seducing tides and lovers with silver rays,
In the meadow a woman dances naked to the song of a wolf,
Arms stretched to the sky, night blooms at their peak,
Mysteries unfolding beneath her feet.

Cast The Circle

Cast the circle,
Call the corners,
Raise the power high!
Children of the Lord and Lady,
Singing to the sky!

Cast the circle,
Call the corners,
Dance 'round the Sacred Tree!
Children of the God and Goddess,
Healthy, strong and free!

The power lives in all of us,
The good Craft of the Wise;
But some won't hear,
They hate and fear,
Close minds as well as eyes!

The Burning Times won't come again,
No more lives will be lost!
We'll stand with Lord and Lady,
No matter what the cost!

"Do what you will but harm no one,"
It is our greatest Law;
Within our place,
Our Sacred Space,
The Pentacle we draw.

Cast the circle,
Call the corners,
Light the candles bright!
Children of the Lord and Lady,
Dancing in the night!

Cast the circle,
Call the corners,
Tell all "Blessed Be!"
Our Path is Wise,
So if you have eyes,
Please open them... and SEE!

Pan's Call

I wake to the sound of your voice in my dream,
The gaping hole in the center of my chest swallows me whole.

Down I fall,
Down where light can not go and darkness rules supreme,
And still I fall,
Down where panic is the master,
And still I fall never stopping.

I loose myself in you,
I am terrified,
And still I fall,
I fall deeper and deeper into you,
I fall until I am no more.

We merge,
You swallow my terror and ask for more,
I cease,
We become,
The pipes play,
Another wake.

The Moon

The moon was but a chin of gold,
A night or two ago,
And now she turns her perfect face,
Upon the world below.

Her forehead is of amplest blond;
Her cheek like beryl stone;
Her eye unto the summer dew,
The likes I have known.

Her lips of amber never part;
But what must be the smile,
Upon her friend she could bestow,
Were such her silver will!

And what a privilege to be,
But the remotest star!
For certainly her way might pass,
Beside your twinkling door.

Her bonnet is the firmament,
The universe her shoe,
The stars the trinkets at her belt,
Her dimities of blue.

Hearken Now The Darkness Comes

Mists gather in the valleys and pour down the ancient riverbeds to the darkening sea.
Gone the fires of autumn's glory, lost to the legions of cloud-swept days and chilling Rains. Gone the wild geese flying southward, gone the last of summer's bounty.
Mornings rimed with silver frost, evenings gathering gloom for sitting round the Hearthfires glow.
Hearken now, the darkness comes!
In the vale under the moor, the village speeds it's frantic pace.
Thatcher's finish repairs on thick round roofs to hold out the snows of winter.
Children bring in the last of the nuts and withered fruits from the woods.
The wheat is threshed and winnowed on the chilly breeze.
Woodsmoke rises from the hearthfires and axes ring in the clear air.
Down from the moors come the cattle and sheep to the winter fields,
Come too the pigs from the forest glades.
The smell of blood is thick in upon the air as those animals chosen for the slaughter Are slain and cured against the winter's needs.
The planting begun at Beltane is now the harvest.
Hearken now, the darkness comes!
In the great forests that lie across the land,
The leaves form a thick carpet upon the ground upon which treads the King Stag,
Velvet gone from his crown of horn, challenging all with his trumpeting cries.
The bear and the fat squirrels seek their dens.
The wolves stir in the cold, and their voices rise in songs to the moon.
Now is the time of the Hunter. His shadow flies across the midnight sky,
His horn sounds in the wind like thunder,
His red-eyed hounds fly on before.
Hearken now, the darkness comes!
She who stands guardian now is no longer the soft Maiden of spring,
Nor yet the fecund Mother full of the heat of summer.
It is Cerridwen now, the Crone, the Hag, who stands without.
In dreams and trance you see her, holding the cauldron into which all that live must Go. Holding the cauldron that is Death.
Gone too the young Lord of Spring,
The Summer King. Now is the time of Herne the Hunter,
wild master of the Winter's night. Harsh he is and full of fire,
Lord of Death made manifest.
Hearken now, the darkness comes!
And in the turning of the year, the walls of time and space become as air,
Until life and death are as one and departed souls walk again among the living.
Here on this most sacred night, as the old year died and the new was born, around the Fires the people gathered in celebration.
There was wine and cider from the vines and groves,
Bread from the fields of winnowed wheat, and meat steaming from the slaughter.
A great feast and celebration of life to take into the darknss.
Hearken now, the darkness comes!
And as the earth moved onward into the darkness,
The veil between the worlds grew thin, and strange beings walked upon the land.
See now the pooka shake his tangled mane,
The sidhe come forth from out the hollow hills,
listen as the bean sidhe sings forth her terrible cry.
And against this army of eldritch power,
Men did wield a greater weapon as fires sprang forth upon the hilltops and lit the Standing stones and village greens.
Dancing, swirling,
leaping past the fires the people held back the powers of the night with light and music Until the dawn came once more.
Yet still the darkness comes!
Turn and turn again the Earth did in its endless dance among the stars.
Gone now the villages that lay beneath the downs and among the wolds.
Gone the straight track and winding sheep path.
Gone the King Stag and the shaggy bear.
Yet still we hear an echo of that time and place as we sit to honor our blessed dead, as Our children dress as monsters and play in the shadows.
We hear the whisper of the Goddess in our hearts, and sometimes,
Late at night we hearken to the cry of the Hunt high in our crowded skies.
Hearken, for the darkness comes!
And we, the spirit children of that ancient age, we remember.
Though we labor not in the fields of waving grain,
Yet do we too now bring in our harvest.
We gather to ourselves the fruits of our projects begun in the spring of the year and Ready ourselves for a time of rest and introspection.
We unburden ourselves with that which is no longer needful for our survival through The winter of the year.
We the children of this ancient age remember too our honored dead who speak to us Again as the walls of this world grow thin.
We pass the Cup of Remembrance as we think upon one who has gone before.
We remember the good times and the bright things we treasure from their memories, And we allow them to fly free. We make our peace with She who waits for all.
We remember the fears of the darkness,
And in our masquerade and games,
we come to terms with Death and with change.
For such is the meaning at the heart of the feast.
So prepare you now as the darkness comes.
Ready the harvest of your hopes and dreams.
Light the fires against ignorance and fear.
For remember also,
That the darkness is but one turn upon the Wheel,
It is the darkness of the womb.
And the Death we all must face is merely the doorway to the Life to come.