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About Wendy, and What She likes.

Name: Wendy Rose Choate Rodriguez
BIrth Place: Stocton California
Sex: Female
Hair color: Brown/Red
Eye Color: Green /Brown
Height: 5'4'' I think without my shoes on.
Siblings: 2 sisters
Shy: at times
Personality: I am a wendy, and a Wendy is a Wendy.....
Special talent: Public speaking?
Job: Register at Round Table
Fast Food Resturant: Euuu, um,eck
Food: Baked Lemon peper Salmon
Drink: 7up with sherbert in it.
Sport: Swiming,
Color: Orange, Black, Red, green.
Song That best Discribes me: Radio Head, Creep.
Song that pumps me up: Slipknot, Wait and Bleed- Makes my adrenilin race!!!!!
Fav. Song to dance to: Dj Jean, The Lauch
Fav.CD:  i like so many..cant chose
Favorite radio Dj: Nick Monroe. I love that AssHole!
T.V Show: I like spin citty, but I rarly watch t.v.
Fav. Cartoon: I liked Dexters Labortory
Movie: Interview with the vampyre, I really enjoyed "From Hell" and Happy Gilmore.
Fav. Actor: John Malcovich, and Johnny Depp
Fav. Actor/Performer I would love to have deleted of this planet: Britney spears, ALL boy pop bands, and Carson Daley
Computer game: Anything to do with "shoot to kill"
Book: Queen of the Damed, by Anne Rice, and Lasher
Guitar: I would like to own a B.C Rich Warlock WIth a widow head stock, and a LTD F-200, but i own a epiphone deamon in electric blue.
Animal: Panthers, and lions
Bird: Perots, Birds of Paradise
Chocolate Or Vanilla: VANILLA!
Drink or Smoke: drink a little, smoke none.
Fav. Subject: History, Band
Fav. Thing to do: Long Car Rides Up in the Moutians, Listening to music, and sleeping.
Fav. Place to be.: Ozarks in Missori, or up on the orgeon Coast in the Red woods.
College to attend: san fransisco state, or Dartmuth... Then study at Victoria in New Zealand.
Posible Majors: Anthropology/Sociology, Music, Film/Directing.
Ideal place to live: Up in the moutians, just below the snow line, and close to the ocean. Away from the sounds of bissy people in a Log house, with a pond.
Ideal Car: '84 Corvet, '69 mustang, 2001 dodge pickup truck with lift kit (every day use)
Hobies: biking, Drawing, writing, sleeping, gardening, guitar, internet, friends, playing music, listening to music, listening to music, and listening to music.
Things I hate: Posers!, Liers, Lead on's, bad days, and grumpy people.
Things I enjoy: fun People, friends, creative minds, my cat, Guys, my guitar, sleeping, the internet, being myself, concerts, plays, The moutians, fishing at night off the dock, and biking

Frequently listening to: music, of all sorts