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V.P.R.F. Were-animals and Shape-shifters


I do not know. For some reason, this picture makes me think of Richard from Laurell K. Hamiltion's "Antia Blake : Vampire Hunter" Series. Perhaps the mask, mai oui?

Well, I've finally gotten something to add to this section! Yeah! ~*happy dance*~ Enjoy this, until MShadow gives me more Reviews to add, that is! ~*grins*~
By the way, this section will have both Were-animals and Shape-shifters catagorized together. It just seems to fit. ^.^

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By: Dara Joy

Info on back: Lord Byron thought he was captivating, the fashionable matrons blushed behind their fans at a glimpse of his hard form, and nobody knew where he came from. His startling eyes- one gold, one blue - promised a wicked passion, and his voice almost seemed to purr. There was only one thing a woman thought of when looking at a man like that.Sex. And there was only one woman he seemed to want. Lilac. In her wildest dreams she never guessed that bringing a stray cat into her home would soon have her stroking the most wanted man in 1811 London...

Review: Well this is one of those random buys at the Library Book Sale that worked out right. The story is funny and very sensual. If you like those steamy romances that involve a shapeshifting feline from another planet that just don't understand Earther females then this one's for you! I'm a sucker for paranormal romances and a bigger softie for felines so you know this one won my vote.
Hey Ivy! A shapeshifter romance. If only he were blonde... ^_-
That reminds me, MShadow... ~*hands on hips*~ You still have to send me my Cabana Boy! ~*grins*~

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Secret of the Wolf
By: Susan Krinard

Johanna Schell, an early practitioner of psychiatry, is responsible. She looks after her stroke-stricken psychiatrist father, the handful of patients they brought west to their new asylum, the Haven, and even the inebriate she finds passed out on her way home. Using hypnosis she tries to help her new patient, Quentin Forster, by delving into the causes of his drunken binges only to find that he has curious memory lapses and harbors the delusion that he's a werewolf. As Quentin befriends the other patients, Johanna finds herself confiding in and trusting him, even though she finds him overwhelmingly attractive. When danger besets the asylum and a young girl is kidnapped, Quentin and Johanna must cure his inner demon in order to rescue the girl from a horrible fate. The third book in Krinard's saga of the loup-garou Forster siblings, an artful combination of heartfelt romance, psychiatric historical detail, and werewolf lore, will elicit howls of delight from her ever-growing following. Diana Tixier Herald Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

Well I read it and I wouldn't give it such a glowing review. I had a hard time staying focused to the book (kept wanting to go find something else to read). I had to force myself to finish it all the way through. It was like reading a historical romance more than anything and wasn't really all that funny. I have to say this is going to be one of those books that I read and never think twice about. Not that it was totally bad it had its good moments. I just think that as far as Susan Krinard's books go this isn't the best. So I'll try and find one that I liked alot and would recommend. I know I've read one that I liked alot, just can't remember the darn title. So off to the library I go..