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V.P.R.F. Vampyre
Welcome to the Vampyre section of our little site.

"Day-walker Vampyre" Interesting concept, non?

Deep Midnight
By: Shannon Drake

An opulent Carnivale ball in Venice takes a terrifying turn for book critic Jordan Riley. As festivity turn into frenzy, she is rescued by a powerful man disquised as a wolf. But was what she witnessed really just the evening's entertainment- or something far more sinister?
From a deconsectrated church in Venice to a secret society in New Orleans, Jordan is led on a nightmare journey to the razor's edge of reality. Her mysterious savior is always a shadow behind her. A man whose closeness will both torment and tantalize her as darkness falls - and an eternal hunger threatens to consume her.

Review: This is a more suspenseful romance (not for the light hearted). But if your into both the horror genre as well as romance then you'll definintely like this book. I recommend reading her other books in the series first though to give you a better understanding of the characters mentioned and what's going on.

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Dark Rapture
By: Michele Hauf

California dreamer Scarlet Rose has a secret: she has fallen madly in love with seductive Sebastian DelaCourte. But the dark, gypsy-wild rock idol whose ravenous kisses send Scarlet's blood racing also harbors a secret..a consuming secret that binds him to an unholy fate.
Now, as a terrifying curse sweeps her back in time to 18th-century Paris, Scarlet find herself in a desperate struggle to change destiny. Unable to resist a passin that demands complete surrender, she knows her only hope of saving them both is to enter Sebastian's midnight world where desire never ends...and where love is the most dangerous fantasy of all...

I will be attacking this book as soon as I get some freetime.

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