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Crimson Breeze

By: Ivy and Ami Adrena

A cold breeze blew past a lone figure as it stood near the edge of Maiden's Peak, the highest cliff in the land. The wind picked up her long black hair, showing the crimson red streaks in it. She sighed, and glancing over the view of the large valley so far below. Only a few stars dared to shine on such a dark and dreary night, but even those few seemed to add to her sadness. The dim crescent moon reflected off of her pale white skin, accenting her slender figure, her soft lips an icy blue. The freezing air easily rushed through the torn fabric of her ankle-length white skirt and white dress shirt. Flipping her cream-coloured cloak over her shoulders, she removed the red bands that surrounded her wrists and drew a small jewelled dagger from its sheath at her calf. Her breath went out in a hiss as she pierced her skin and drew a cut down each wrist. Her blood gathered in small pools at her feet, staining the snow-covered ground. Icy tears fell from her crystal blue eyes as she stepped closer to the edge, her bare feet balancing easily on the large boulders. The young woman gazed down longingly at the sharp rocks below.
"That's a long way down." a voice from behind her broke the silence of the night. She turned to find a handsome man, with short blonde hair, and light maroon colored eyes, standing a few feet away, watching her. He was wearing dark armor and a flowing cape. A large sword hung at his side. “They don’t call this Maiden’s Peak for nothing.” The young woman replied. The man started walking towards her, but halted when she took a step backwards, her eyes dropping to the ground. She pointed her bloody dagger in his direction, her eyes still fixed on the ground. "Stay away from me." She warned. "Calm down." he said slowly moving closer towards her. "Stay away. Just let me be..." her heart raced as her feet seemed to move another step backwards on their own. "I'm not going to hurt you. Now why would you want to deprive this world of such a beauty?" he asked slowly walking closer, stopping when the blade of her dagger was only inches away from his chest. Her body instinctively took another step towards the steep cliff. "Everyone has their own problems. I’m dealing with mine." She glanced behind her, over the edge of the cliff. Her grip on the dagger was become weaker as they spoke. "And whoever you are, you have really bad timing." She turned back to him, but her eyes never went higher than the clasp of his cape. "My name is Alex, and I prefer to think I have great timing. That is, if I can persuade you not to jump." the man stated calmly, "What's your name?" he asked warmly. "Kiymeira.” The pools of blood at her feet had been growing steadily larger as they spoke. “You don’t have to waste your time, I’m not going to jump." She said, her vision blurring a bit as she finally tried to look up at his face. The dagger finally fell from her limp hand, clanking as it hit the ground. "That's better..." Alex started. He caught her in mid-air as she suddenly staggered against him. The last thing she saw was Alex lowering her to the ground, before blissful darkness filled her vision.
A sound broke through her unconscious. She sat up, gasping for breath as she looked at her surroundings. She was lying on a large bed, and her clothes gone. The only thing covering her was a navy-blue silk sheet that left most of her legs bare. She noticed that while her dagger was missing, its sheath was still attached to her right calf. "Where am I?" She thought out loud. The large room was slightly lit up by a flickering fire in the fireplace. The light reflected off of wide metal bands that now surrounded her wrists and ankles. She pulled the sheet up the best she could to cover her chest but her wrists seemed to be held together magnetically while her ankles were loose. "Ah, finally awake, I see." came Alex's voice from the shadows, "And to answer your question, you're in her bed. I saved your life.” Her gaze flew to Alex as he stepped out of the shadows and walked towards her wearing a long robe. "Perfect." she mumbled angrily as she weakly fell backwards, her head hitting the soft pillows, "That’s just what I needed. Another slave trader." "Calm down, Kiymeira." Alex said as he stood at the edge of the bed. "I just barely escaped from the last one. That one almost beat me to death. Almost." she murmured to herself as she curled onto her side, facing the fire. Her eyelids drooped as it warmed her cold skin. "I'm not going to beat you," he said, “Wouldn’t want to bruise that lily white skin of yours.” "That makes me feel so much better." she muttered cynically. "Men all want the same thing… so single-minded." Her eyelids were so heavy, she could fall asleep, but she forced herself to open them again. Kiymeira flinched as Alex leaned over her, brushing her bangs from her eyes and lightly trailing his fingers down her neck suggestively. In a fluid movement, she rolled across the bed to stand on the opposite side, taking the sheet with her.

A/N: This chapter is disturbing(It’s the reason I didn’t want to post it!). Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

With some dark intention shading his eyes, Alex stalked around the bed towards her. She backed up quickly. Fear flashed in her eyes as her back bumped into the wall, leaving her no escape. An evil little leer touched his face as he grabbed one of her arms below the connected shackles, tossing her onto the bed with an almost casually-wielded strength. She sat up and cradled her arms to her chest, wincing slightly. It would be bruised by morning. If I live that long.The stray thought made her want to laugh, but she pushed it down not knowing if she would be able to stop after she had started. Kiymeira eyed him warily, panic on the edge of her consciousness. He stalked towards her, and when his thighs bumped into the edge of the bed, he crawled on top of it, drawing slowly closer to her. She would have jumped off the bed again, but the second before she would have, Alex grabbed her ankle and jerked. She ended up half-under him, her legs twisted in the sheets. She struggled, pushing at him with a strength borne of terror, but it could not match his own. He drew back his hand and slapped her open-handed, and stars exploded in her eyes. Kiymeira’s head spun, her body going limp. She couldn’t move; the blow had been hard enough to temporarily paralyze her body. But she could still feel everything; his hands bruising as they roughly slid over her soft skin. He grabbed the top of the sheet and pulled down, ripping the smooth fabric. She breathed deeply to keep from gagging in revulsion. Alex pinned her slender hips, harshly spreading her thighs as his lower body slipped between them. He buried himself as deeply in her as he could, ripping past her thin barrier of innocence. Kiymeira’s scream of pain echoed through the room. Without any hesitation, Alex pulled out slightly, then pushing roughly back inside her. Her mind was a chaotic mass of jumbled emotions: fear, anger, helplessness, hate, pain. White-hot pain sliced through her as he bit down sharply on the soft skin above her breast. She cried out in protest, tears streaming out of her eyes, but he ignored her pain, interested only in his own pleasure. She was vaguely aware that his teeth had pierced her skin, that blood was trickling down her chest, but then his body buried itself in hers deeper and harder, over and over. She blacked out.
In the morning, Kiymeira was awakened by the sun streaming into the room through the glass doors of the balcony. She turned her head to find that Alex had rolled off of her at some point in the night. She silently stood up and wrapped a sheet around her, wincing at the tenderness between her legs. She looked around the room and spotted her dagger resting on a table near the door. She put it back in its sheath as she opened the portal. Tip toeing out of the room and running soundlessly down a long empty corridor, she reached a door at the end and burst in. It was a large room, and there were two men inside, one wearing extravagant clothing. He was tall and muscular, as if he lifted heavy objects often. He must have been of some importance and seemed to be in charge, but she had no idea who he was. They both stood up and stared at her. "What is the meaning of this?" asked the other man as they walked towards me. I quickly stepped backwards and her eyes dropped to the floor. "I... I’m sorry, I didn't mean to..." I stuttered, "I was only looking for a way out..." A guard grabbed me from behind. "I'm terribly sorry, my king, I will deal with her." the guard said trying to pull me out of the room. "No! Let me go! Don’t touch me!" Kiymeira yelled, tears streaming down her face as she struggled. In a panic, she reached down and drew her dagger from its sheath, slicing across the back of the guard’s hand. His breath went out in a hiss as he reflexively dropped her to the ground. With a slight growl, he reached for her again. "Let her be." The man the guard had addressed as king said, holding up a hand. "Yes your majesty." the guard instantly backed off, and she scrambled away, putting her back to the wall, the point of her blade jumping between each of the rooms occupants. Slowly, as not to alarm her, the king kneeled in front of Kiymeira and reached out a hand, palm up. "Now, why don’t you give me that?" he asked softly. “No one will harm you.” Slowly, she lifted her eyes to meet his. Some emotion slid into his eyes only to disappear just as quickly as his dark olive green met her icy blue. “I have your word?” she asked softly. A lock of long black hair fell forward as he nodded. “My word that I will not let anyone harm you. I promise.” She mentally debated his trustworthiness for a long moment. Carefully, without taking her eyes from his, she turned the knife and placed the hilt in his hand. Grasping the weapon, he took her hand and helped me to her feet. “I’m called Tarrin. What is your name?” he asked. "Kiymeira!" Alex thundered as he suddenly rushed into the room. Hearing that voice made her flinch, and her head whipped in his direction. He was now wearing a navy-blue shirt and black pants with his long cape draped over his shoulders, his sword in its hilt at his side once more. As Alex walked towards them, Kiymeira took cover behind Tarrin. “Your word…” she whispered in Tarrin’s ear. Her voice shook with terror. Crowded as close as she was to him, she felt more than saw his slight nod of acknowledgement. He turned so that she stood huddled in on herself near his side. "I was wondering where you had run off to, Kiymeira. I'm sorry if she disturbed you, sire." Alex said, bowing to the Tarrin. "That's okay, Alex. I enjoyed seeing a fresh face in this stuffy castle. Where did you find such a beauty?" Tarrin asked, scrutinizing her appearance. His gaze settled on the bruises on her pale skin, hardened. "She was at Maiden's Peak." Alex responded, glancing between the two. Tarrin pushed her hair over her shoulder, his hand brushing across her skin. "She's freezing." Tarrin stated, He placed the back of his hand on her cheek. She flinched slightly away, as if not trusting the gentle touch. "I'm fine, really..." she said, her voice a soft whisper. Her eyes fell to the floor as she pulled the sheets tighter around herself, "This is natural for me." Tarrin's touch was warm and gentle against her icy skin, his voice soothing. "I see..." he responded, "I like this one Alex.” Tarrin said abruptly, not taking his eyes from her, “I'll be taking over ownership of her. You may choose one of my courtiers to replace her." "As you wish, sire. She is yours." Alex responded formally. His eyes glittering with something indefinable as he bowed low. Tarrin seemed to ignore it, and placed his hands over the shackles on Kiymeira’s wrists. A glittering light seemed to overtake the silver, and when the light dimmed, the shackles had changed color to a shimmering gold. "Excuse me, your majesty, but you have a few more documents you need to finish signing." the older man interjected, apparently being the king's advisor. "Fine." Tarrin replied, "Have the handmaiden's bathe and clothe Kiymeira... and have them leave her in her room." He ordered to no one in particular. A guard quickly rushed off, and soon returned with two women. "Would you like me to post guards at the door? She does have a tendency to run off." Alex stated. Tarrin looked into her eyes again and shook his head. "No, I think I can trust her not to leave... I won't be very long." he replied. He turned around and walked back to the table, sitting in his chair. Alex turned to her for a moment and whispered for only her ears, "He won't be able to protect you for long... I will get you back, Kiymeira." With that she was led out of the room by two young women who looked about the same age as the king, which would make them either about 19 or 20. They introduced themselves when they had gotten out into the hall. The tall one with light-blue hair was named Kiyra, and the red-head was named Bethany. They brought her into another room and pointed out a huge bathtub filled with water and bubbles. She pulled off the sheet she had been wearing and slipped into the bath. She still felt dirty from what Alex had done the night before. She scrubbed and cleaned her skin until it hurt. She finally stepped out of the water, and Bethany handed her a soft towel. When finished drying herself off, Kiyra wrapped a short, silk crimson robe around Kiymeira, tying it loosely in front of her. Then they brought her into another larger room, and she sat down on the edge of a huge feather bed. "The master will be here soon." Kiyra said. "Good luck, Kiymeira. The master has no other 'personal slaves' besides you... he's never taken one before." Bethany added softly before they turned and left the room, shutting the large doors tightly behind them. She stood up and looked around the room. It was filled with the scent of Snapdragons, her favourite flower. She walked over to a set of stained-glass doors and opened them, seeing that they led out onto a balcony. She stepped out onto the icy stone balcony and looked over the railing, a snow-filled garden below. The sunlight shimmered off of the cold light white-blue snowflakes as she gazed along the horizon. The ruins of a church surrounded by an old cemetery stood in front of a dark forest that reached off to touch a few distant mountain peaks. "Nice view, isn't it?" Tarrin's voice made her jump. She turned to see him leaning against the terrace doorjamb as he watched her. "Yes, beautiful.” She responded glancing back over her shoulder, "I've always loved the snow... it makes me feel unique, I guess. Sort of silly, though..." she added quietly, her eyes looking everywhere but him. "It isn't silly. Everyone is different. That’s what makes them unique." Tarrin stated, not taking his eyes off of her. "I wish I could believe that... but I'm just a slave. A plaything, used for pleasure. That’s not in the least bit special." Despite herself, bitterness leaked into her voice, and she quickly dropped her head in a submissive gesture, though she backed into the railing as he started to walk towards her. He stopped in front of her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She instinctively raised her forearms to brace against his chest and closed her eyes, unable to move back any further. "I'm not going to hurt you, Kiymeira. You don't have to be so frightened of me." Tarrin said. "I’m sorry, master..." she said quickly in a strained whisper, "Some reactions I don’t have any control over." "That's a habit we'll have to break. I don't want you running away from me every time I try to get close to you." he said holding her close. He was so gentle, as if she would break if he held her too tightly. She opened her eyes and looked up into his. They seemed to penetrate into her heart and let her look into his, allowing her to feel what he felt. A dark green light filled his heart and seemed to blanket her in its warmth. She had never felt anything like it before, didn't even know what it was or meant. It gave her a strange feeling like she had seen it someplace before, but couldn't place it. She blinked and moaned, putting a hand to her head. Her knees felt weak. Tarrin caught her as she started to fall to the ground, her vision blurring a bit. "Are you okay?" he asked holding me up. "I'm just a little dizzy for some reason..." she said, "Is it just me, or is it getting darker out here?" she asked. Tarrin looked at her with a worried look on his face. The sun was shining brightly, it was just barely in the afternoon. "Come on, you had better lay down." he said picking her up and carrying her inside. He laid her down on his bed and sat down next to her, covering her up with warm blankets. When her head stopped spinning, she opened her eyes to Tarrin. He placed a cold washcloth on her forehead. She looked around and saw Kiyra and Bethany standing near the door, concerned looks on their faces. It was night time now, and looked as if Tarrin had been sitting with her all this time. "How are you feeling, Kiymeira?" Tarrin asked, brushing her long crimson bangs from her eyes. "Better, thank you master..." she said softly, sitting up. "I'm glad. You had me worried." he said as he gazed down at her. A small frown marred her expression as she gazed up at him. "What is it, is something wrong?" he asked, seeing her expression. "I have to ask you something, but..." she stopped and glanced at Kiyra and Bethany. He looked over to them, and back to Kiymeira. "You may go, ladies." Tarrin said to them. "Yes, sire." they both responded, but they glanced to her. She nodded, and they smiled at her and left, shutting the doors behind them. "Now what did you want to say?" he asked, hearing the doors shut. "I was wondering... why did you save me from Alex? There are many women in the land more beautiful than I, who you could have easily. Why would you even want to bother with me?" She asked, staring down at her hands folded in her lap. Tarrin broke her gaze as he took her hands in his. "When I first saw you, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You were more scared of Alex than anyone, and you said yourself that you were looking for a way out. You're more safe here with me than if you had escaped out into the world." he stated, "You wouldn't have made it very far even if you had found the exit. Alex is a very persistent man, and he doesn't give up until he gets what he wants." he added flatly, his gaze resting on her visible bruises. "I'd rather be dead than let him near me again..." she shuddered. "You had better get some rest... after all you've been through, you deserve it." Tarrin said. "Where are you going?" she asked as he stood up and walked towards the door. "I'll be in the next room so you can get some sleep." he replied, "If you need anything, just call. I'll have Bethany check on you in the morning." he added as he slipped out of the door. Kiymeira laid down and pulled the covers tightly up around her as she closed her eyes. She had thought that sleep would be long in coming, but she soon drifted peacefully.

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