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Laurell K. Hamilton

This is for all those proud LKH fans out there!

I just finished A Caress of Twilight, Ms. Hamilton's new book in the Merry Gentry series, and was totally enraptured. The mention of going into heat -literally- should be rehtorical. ((Trust me. When you read the book, you'll understand that comment. ~*grin*~ ))
The first book in this series, "A Kiss of Shadows had been a new experience all its own, when I was thrown into Merry's struggle to stay alive in the political intrigue of the UnSeelie Court.
I'd say that my first reading of A Caress of Twilight was everthing A Kiss of Shadows had been and more, but that's not enough to cover it. It reveals more levels, more depths to the characters, as well as more insight into the characters' past historys. One thing in particular about Doyle I had half expected when reading KOS, but was still suprised when it was revealed.
I think that's part of the appeal of LKH; she keeps you guessing. Her books satisfy your hunger, while making you want more. You really get into the plot line, and you find yourself rooting for the characters. (In COT it's which of the Queen's Ravens will be the lucky guy. ^_^ ) That's the mark of a true Bestseller.
Personally, LKH is one of my favorite authors (Top two, kind of in a tie for first with Christine Feehan, if you want to get right down to it.) and if she keeps producing such a high quality of books, she always will be. ~*sighs dreamily*~ I wish I was Merry... ~*grabs her copy of COT and drools over all the scenes with Doyle in them*~

((Note: Not you know why I always let MShadow write the reviews. I totally suck at them!
Look, I'll just be blunt. Go out and buy yourself a copy of COT. I promise you won't regret it. You'll probably thank me for the referral! ^_^
Oh, and buy the hardcover copy. You don't want to wait all the time it'll take for it to come out in paperback.
~*runs off to find out when the next LKH book comes out*~