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Welcome to V.P.R.F. We are currently under construction, considering that we've only been working on this site since 1/9/02. Please come back later.

Hello, and Welcome to V.P.R.F. I am Ivy Adrena, the Webmistress of this site, and if you have any questions, comments, etc. feel free to e-mail me with them. Just click the cute little "mail" icon on the bottom of the page.

Well, I suppose you're wondering what the hell this page is about. I guess I'll give you a vague idea. Here goes:
V.P.R.F. stands for Vampyre/Paranormal Romance Fan. It was born in the "Subject" line of an e-mail between myself and the Co-Webmistress, MShadow. It slowly grew, and as we talked about it, I got an idea to make it into a website. So, I went off and grabbed this url, and started learning html. It is so not easy. (But I wonít get into that now)

This site is (once I get some better html skills, and turn it into frames) committed to Books and Movies concerning and/or relating to Vampyres, Were-animals, Phantoms, Time-travelers, Wizards/Magicians, etc. The only condition other than that, is that they have to have some aspect of Romance in them. If you think Romances are ďsmutĒ and donít know why youíre here, let me just say this:

This site is for ROMANCE with a preternatural twist. If you have gotten this far in the Site Description, and hadnít figured out by now what this is all about, you havenít been paying attention. I would think the Site Name would have given it away.