Jason  Are you ready for The Change?
What do you want to change in your life?
Do you want to break old habits and routines?
Do you just want to live a more fulfilling life?
By recognizing the need for change, and wanting to make that change, you have already taken the first step, The path to real and lasting change can be difficult at times, that's where Jason can help.
Offering a range of therapies to help you on your path, including
Hypnotherapy, Psychological therapies, Intuitive readings, Executive coaching and motivational speaking for the corporate sector.
As one of Australia's most prominent stage hypnotists and mentalist Jason has had over
20 years of experience with many different
people and their minds, This gives him the advantage of being able to work with a range
of people and issues in a clinical setting.
Jason is fully qualified and holds diplomas in a range of psychological therapies, specialising
in hypnotherapy and counselling.
He warns people to be wary of weekend
hypnotists ( those who say they are qualified
after attending a weekend workshop),
Jason's focus is to help you to make the
changes you want in your life, and to maintain
those changes.
Individual issues (men's and women's),
relationship issues, family therapy
and much more.
So ...... ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHANGE? If so contact Jason today. Phone.  0411 838 137  or