0411 838 137  or vargahyp@y7mail.com

These days you can go to just about any one to get a
psychic reading, because everyone's a psychic,
(which is true, everyone is psychic to a certain extent).
But only some hone their abilities to perfection.

If you need direction in your life wouldn't you prefer to go to
someone even other psychics go to for intuitive counsel?

Someone once described by an international psychic medium
as "better than Van Praagh and Edwards put together"?

Someone endorsed by the likes of Uri Geller?

Jason is this some one.

An incredibly gifted psychic, who is also versed in thaumaturgy, energy work (displayed in his public demonstrations,
highly regarded by other psychics).
Jason is also a qualified and experienced counsellor
and clinical hypnotherapist.
He also runs workshops and development class's
for advanced practitioners.

So, why go to just anyone when you can come to one of the best?

To book a reading, intuitive counselling or hypnotherapy
call 0411838137 or email vargahyp@y7mail.com
Get in early as occasionally Jason is booked some time in advance. 
Jason is also available for public demonstrations
and home psychic parties.
Phone readings also available by appointment