0411 838 137  or vargahyp@y7mail.com 
Jason D. Varga - Extra Sensory Perseptioist

An amazing, unique experience.
Loads of audience participation, Minds are read, predictions come true,
Energies experimented with and your own psychic abilities demonstrated.

"Jason D. Varga is a fascinating performer, he uses both mysticism & mysteriousness in a
most convincing manner. Jason is a great psychological entertainer"   
"Simon Baker (TV's The Mentalist) has nothing on Jason  D. Varga."    The HERALD SUN
"Amazing night, we were all totally mesmerized by you."    BRETT FAVALORO (international psychic)
"Absolutely blew our minds, Words simply cannot describe the curious events that occur
when Jason takes to the stage. 
"Has to be one of the best show ever. astounding, amazing, and funny!!!"    THE COMEDY CLUB

The elements of hypnosis Jason uses in his shows are to empower people by showing them the
potential of their own minds, not to embarrass them, great for corporate motivational talks.

Although Jason primarily works in the entertainment industry with his  Psychic and Hypnosis shows,
he is also available
for Hypnotherapy, Psychological therapies, Intuitive readings and Executive coaching.
Jason is a clinical hypnotherapist and counsellor , so you are always in safe hands.