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"Jason D. Varga is a fascinating performer,
he uses both mysticism & mysteriousness in a
most convincing manner. Jason is a great
psychological entertainer."
"Simon Baker (TV's The Mentalist) has nothing
on Jason  D. Varga."
       -  The HERALD SUN
"Amazing night, we were all totally mesmerized by
you, runs rings around Edwards and Van Praagh.
           -  BRETT FAVALORO (international psychic)

"The work he does with people and the results he
gets are remarkable. A good down to earth bloke
who provides people with solutions to poor
belief systems, insights and wisdom about the
past, current and future situations.
Do your self a favour and check him out."
 Greg Riley
(voted Australia's best Psychic, channel 7)

Do you want to live a more fulfilling life?

Australia's most prominent stage hypnotists and mentalist Jason has had over 25 years of experience
with many different people and their minds.
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