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My Home Page

Warning: This is a Pro-ED site. The owner of this site is not responsible for your actions after wieving this page. This is a harmful acticity I do not encourage. Please leave know if you do not want to view this material. It's not my intention to ruin your life. It's your choice whether you choose to leave or to stay. This is a site I made for myself, to distract myself from eating. I do not have an eating disorder, but I have my reasons for doing this. I know it's stupid, but who cares anyway.. I'm not happy with my life, and I know this will not make me any happier. I know this is the best way to f*ck up my life. But my life is already f*cked up, so... But please try to understand. This is my choice, and my life. On this site I will collect all the tips & tricks, thinspirational pictures and quotes, and all the pro-ana stuff I can find. Enjoy!