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Q. Are you gay?
A. Whitney?

Q. Worst Fear?
A. Ummm... Midgets...

Q. So what do you think of these trendy kids?
A. Apparently suicides trendy to...

Q. So... What happen to your forhead?
A. I got shot in the face by a yack with mind bullets.

Q. Whats your favorite band/bands?
A. Strapping Young Lad, His Infernal Majesty, Type O Negative, Static X, MSI!, Some other stuff, blah blah.

Q. Do you play instuments?
A. yes, Didgeridoo, Stomach, guitar (retired) somewhat,
 fingers, Vocals, Various hitting of things to formulate drums, Um and i think i could play the harmonica. I want ot play banjo!

Q. Whats your favorite Food?
A. MMM food.... i dont know

Q. What is your favorite Movie/movies?
A. Army of Darkness/Evil Dead series... anything with Bruce Campbell, Texas Chain Saw Massachre, Nightmare Before 
Christmas, The Crow, Noferatu (first vampire movie, 
AKA silent film), Rocky Horror Picture Show, Waynes World, Basicly and thing that will stay with you in your mind till your dieing day.

Q. What do you want?
A. pie... 

stop looking at my money