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Me in MANGA format!
The Skater
As fas as I go, I skateboard. I know it's supposed to be a way of life and everything, but I am not a true skateboarder. I mean, I try to skate everyday....but the credit is really do to those rare individuals who go out and persue skating not as a career, or "hobby", or just to fit in, but to those who skate for the right reasons. Because of independance and show the world that there is something more than what others persieve. That you can make something more of life. I am a freak, and we follow the same type of perspective and mind set. It's all about new experience. This site is

meant to be for those beginning to skateboard, and I am warning you not to skate for the wrong reasons. We accept everyone, but if you are just going to skate and not be commited, than you are a posuer. Not because you suck, but because you don't have the spirit to skate. Anyway, I am a freak. I really hate it when people associate boeing sa freak or skateboarding with being stupid intellectually. I get straight A's, and people will see you skating and think, "They look stupid to me. I'd be willing to bet anything that they actually are." I may be smart, but I am phycotic, and therefore see a phyciatrist. So, yeah. I love Good Charlotte. You should check them out on the music page.


Paul (Jess)
The Freaks