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The Pop shove-it
Pop shove-its are more advanced than other tricks. They require a lot more pop, so work on getting a high ollie before you think about trying this trick. Also, some tricks are based on the shove-it. Tricks like thae hardflip. Another bonus, it looks very impressive! So impress your freinds and learn it today!
Pop shove-its can be made easier by doing them off the nose of your board, so ride your skateboard backwards to start. Start your ollie, and at the same time, use your back foot to shove your board 180' degrees. The harder you do this movement, the faster your board will complete the 180. Remember to keep your eyes on the board. It's easy to screw-up the landing. Once your board has gone 180' degrees, use your front foot to stop the rotation and "catch" the board. Right now it may seem strange, but you'll get it once you try it. Before you land, make sure your back foot has made it back to the tail. Absorb the impact by bending your knees, and roll away. Good luck! Now try it!